Build Thriving Gaming Communities

Blaze is the ultimate tool for gaming companies, providing a suite of features designed to establish thriving communities, measure community impact, gain valuable insights into player sentiment and streamline support workflows.

Connect, Engage, and Foster Loyalty

  • Community CRM and Marketing Automation: Collect valuable player information such as emails and social ids through Blaze forms. Improve engagement with our cross-platform reward program workflows.
  • Establish Community KPIs and Measure Revenue Impact: Gain valuable insights into how marketing efforts impact community engagement, player retention, and overall revenue generation. Evaluate the effectiveness of organic campaigns.

Foster Meaningful Interactions and Improve Player Retention

  • Identify Beta Testers and Solicit Player Feedback: Easily find beta testers from your gaming community and gather valuable feedback.
  • Streamline Support Workflows and Monitor Player Sentiment: Automate support workflows to efficiently handle player inquiries, optimize response times, and ensure player satisfaction. Monitor player sentiment and identify recurring issues.