Fueling Developer Community Growth and Success

Blaze is the ultimate tool for DevTools, enabling them to build thriving developer communities across Discord and Telegram. With Blaze, you can identify product champions, engage highly active users, understand documentation gaps, and measure key metrics to drive community growth, retention, and identify upsell opportunities.

Identify Community Champions and Drive Upsell Opportunities

  • Identify product champions: Blaze helps teams identify product champions, who can act as community moderators and evangelists for their products, or may be ready to upgrade.
  • Incentivize developer loyalty: Blaze helps DevRel teams put reward structures in place to increase organic growth.

Improve Growth and Streamline Support

  • Metrics and analytics: Blaze provides metrics and analytics to help developer and AI communities measure the success of their community initiatives and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Streamline Support Workflows and Improve Documentation: Leverage our advanced support workflows and AI chatbots to efficiently handle developer inquiries, optimize response times, and ensure developer satisfaction.  Leverage data to identify gaps in documentation