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Jul 13, 2023

How to use bots to manage and automate your discord community

Discover the ease of using bots on Discord. Learn how to grow, engage & moderate your server to drive community growth.

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Building a thriving community on Discord means creating a safe and fun environment. It is all about engaging users, content moderation, and introducing entertaining and compelling activities.

Many Discord bots for community management now help moderators achieve the above objectives and more.

What is a Discord Bot?

A Discord bot is a tool that automates tasks on a server. There are many types of bots. They perform functions using Discord’s application programming interface (API).

Think of a Discord bot as an AI-powered program that executes tasks on a Discord server. Some are specialized and carry out only one task. Others perform a variety of operations.

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How Discord Bots Help in Community Management

Most popular Discord servers use bots. For community moderators, this means a smooth and engaging user experience.

Here are some functions that a Discord bot can perform.


A verification bot blocks spammers and bot accounts. One way it does this is by asking users to verify themselves through codes. Only then can they gain access to the server.


Gamification refers to user involvement with points, badges, and levels. On a Discord server, gamification leads to engagement via challenges, levels and leaderboards. Bots can automatically generate these elements. They can:

  • Assign user roles based on hierarchy.
  • Level people up or down based on their activity.
  • Generate tasks in the form of games.

Greeting Messages

Greeting messages make users feel welcome. A Discord bot can generate simple messages such as ‚Äúhello‚Äù when users log in or can share the server's "Rules & Guidelines" as a first message. It can send messages to welcome new members. Moderators and administrators can program congratulatory messages when users are assigned new roles. 

FAQ Responses

Many Discord servers have channels dedicated to FAQs. Here, the server helpdesk articles are explained, with additional useful information about the community. A bot can generate auto-responses to user questions based on keywords.

Some Popular Discord Bots

  • Mee6: A bot that carries out a variety of tasks. Some are basic moderation, assigning roles, playing music and making server announcements.
  • Dyno: A server moderation bot that is fully customizable. It features a dashboard to let moderators check server health and activity.
  • Carl-bot: This Discord bot sends welcome messages, assigns roles, and blocks spam messages, among other tasks.
  • Blaze: Another moderation bot with a range of commands. Some are removing users, creating roles and functions, automated invites and simple games.
  • Botdisco: This bot lets moderators build custom triggers and actions without the need to write code. It turns a server into a uniquely automated environment. Virtually all moderation activities can be triggered automatically.

How to Add a Discord Bot

  • Visit the Discord app store and choose a server that fits your needs.
  • Go to the server website and click the ‚dd to server button.
  • Grant the bot the required permissions.
  • That's it! Get ready for healthy and effective community growth.

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