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Jul 13, 2023

Boost community engagement on discord | Strategies & tips

Maximize engagement in Discord communities with these proven strategies & tips and learn how to build long-term loyalty.

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Discord was created for the gaming community. Today, it has evolved into a way for people to connect via all sorts of communities. It has over 150 million monthly active users. Discord is emerging to be a highly potent option for marketers to build brand presence and drive loyalty. With no paid ads and a seamless interface, it offers brands and creators a meaningful way to engage loyal users who are fans or users.

Community Management Strategies

Here are some steps to improve community engagement on Discord that are participatory, educational, and fun.


Gamification refers to applying game-playing elements to basic activities. As a strategy, it can boost engagement and bring on new users. Users can advance and get higher ranking roles in the Discord Server based on their contributions to brand objectives. It can range from creating online content, boosting content from the brands pages with posts/likes/comments or sending messages to other communities. Brand motives can be inspired amongst users through:

  • Intrinsic Rewards: Users can receive intrinsic rewards such as ran-up roles or assigned badges on the Brand's Discord Server. Exclusive access to online/offline events and gated channels. Early access to a new product feature or any other brand privileges.
  • Extrinsic Rewards: These could be monetary tokens, brand discounts or special offers.

You can learn more about gamification and user rewards programs in our blog article here.

Ownership and Responsibility

Ownership and responsibility are powerful motivators that assist heavy users to identify their role and purpose in the brand's success. This builds long-term loyalty and continuous engagement. Empowering these users can take a lot of the heavy work off the marketers or growth leaders. One of the many ways to do that can be:

  • Assigning moderator roles and additional privileges. For example, permission to remove bad actors.
  • Access to Product Team to provide actionable feedback from self/community.
  • Early access to test beta versions of new products before release.
  • Do frequent polls to obtain the opinions of community‚Äôs members on specific issues. Polls stimulate participation and also help start new topics.

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Communities foster bonds through interactions. Brand events are a useful way to connect with your Discord community. It helps users feel connected to the brand's vision and mission.

These events can be like:

  • Workshops or Seminars: To focus on subjects about which users want to learn more.
  • Training or Tutorials: Guest speakers can conduct training programs.
  • Contests: Time-based events designed on leaderboard rankings to reward winners.
  • AMAs (Ask Me Anything): With business owners to allow users ask questions, give feedback or become aware of upcoming brand announcements

Grow with Sub-communities

Debating specific issues in separate forums can empower communities. These conversations can happen with the creation of sub-communities. This benefits user in 2 ways:

  1. Remove clutter on the feed of the main channel. So users who aren't interested in the discussed topic don't feel spammed.
  2. Creating topic-defined channels allow sub-communities to foster interaction basis on what the channel is based on. For example, a community member fluent in French could hold French language classes regularly on a separate channel on Discord.

By using these strategies, marketers can build and nurture thriving Discord communities. These will ensure retention and relevance in the long term. Blaze specializes in analyzing communities across Web3 platforms such as Discord. Schedule a demo to discover more about strategies for engagement and retention.


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