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Jul 13, 2023

How to create a welcome channel on discord for new users

A complete guide on how to welcome the new community members on your Discord server.

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Every community should make new members feel welcome. Thats why social media community managers and growth leads should not ignore the Discord onboarding process.

The right welcome is a great first step to nurturing and growing a thriving company.

Why Proper Discord Onboarding is Important

Proper Discord onboarding helps both community managers and new users.

For the community manager:

  • Users receive the right educational materials to make the most of the server.
  • Introductory notes can hook new users by revealing how the channels match their interests.
  • Moderators can collect relevant data from users in the form of contact details or personal interests.

For the new user:

  • They can get aware of server rules and expectations. They will know how interactions should be conducted and what to avoid.
  • They get an understanding of what the server is about and the utility of each server channel.

What to Keep in Mind Before Discord Onboarding

Before setting up a Discord onboarding process, moderators should be clear about the following:

  • The rules they want to enforce.
  • The information they need to share.
  • The user data they want to collect voluntarily.

The above factors depend on the role of the Discord server in improving business outcomes. For example, a server for creating a loyal fan base should focus on user needs and preferences from the start.

If the server is one link in social media outreach, the introduction could ask for online coordinates such as e-mail or a Twitter ID. A blockchain wallet address can also be requested to discover if the member is an existing brand user.

The introductory process could offer a reward for more information. For example, access to a beta version of a product, free trials, or experience points.

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Steps for Discord Onboarding

To begin with, moderators can edit Discord’s automatic welcome feature. They can also turn it off and create their own. They can decide if existing members reply with stickers.

Setting up a unique welcome screen is a professional touch. It can contain an introductory message, channel details, and server rules. Here is an example.

Using Discord Bots for Onboarding

A simple way to set up a Discord onboarding process is to use a bot. A no-code bot-builder like BotDisco can create a workflow for welcome messages.

BotDisco can also work as a helpful CRM. It can create custom member fields for new users. These can be analyzed for server metrics.

  • For example, a server moderator can create a member field to track Twitter URLs. The first step is to create a member text field called ‚ Twitter
  • There are two ways to set a value from a member field. First, it can be directly edited from the Members tab.
  • Second, by using  Member Field action in the flow. With a slash command called /set-socials, users can enter their social links.

BotDisco gives you the freedom to customize the data that is collected. Moderators can create fields based on server needs.

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