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Jul 13, 2023

Top tips to make a successful discord server for your community

All succeeding brands in the Web3 universe create, engage and moderate a thriving Discord server. Learn how to begin.

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Moderating and engaging online communities are key activities for marketers who want to succeed in a Web3 world. Millions come together daily in thriving communities on Discord - a voice, video, and text chat platform.

  • Different communities interact on different topics on Discord servers. These can be public or private interactions.
  • Some popular communities on Discord use it for gaming, cryptocurrency, movies, sports, and chill zones.
  • Servers are further divided into sub-channels for specific activities such as memes, frequently asked questions, and feedback.
  • Over 78% of Discord users say they use it mainly for non-gaming activities or gaming and non-gaming activities equally.

How can one run a successful Discord server that will benefit their brand? Here are a few steps one can follow for successful growth.

Defining the goals

It starts with being clear about the objective behind creating a Discord community. Some of them can be:

  • To improve consumer loyalty, boost retention, and reduce acquisition costs.
  • To manage and inspire a fanbase of loyal users. Communicate with die-hard fans about a brands vision and activities that create closer ties.
  • To create a forum for shared interests. Such forums make current and potential customers feel welcome. Hosting discussions helps them build connections with each other and the brand.

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Marketing the server

Setting up a Discord server is only the first step. One should then popularize it and welcome new users on board. Here are some ways to make the server stand out:

  • Run messages or advertisements on relevant channels
  • Incentivizing current users to motivate them to bring others on board their peers through referral campaigns
  • Using Discord bots such as Blaze to track invites, help with moderation, and measure growth

Using engagement strategies

Once users are on board, moderators need to ensure community growth. They can do this via effective engagement strategies.

  • Bots such as Blaze, ProBot, Arcane and MEE6 make it simple to create activities like games and polls. These make current users more active and draw in new ones.
  • Run automation to reward user engagement by using leaderboards, points, and badges
  • Hosting unique events and competitions makes users feel more involved. These can be in line with the brand's purpose and vision.

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Tracking results

For sustained community growth, there should be KPIs for the goals defined. The brand should monitor these metrics every week or month. Some of these are:

  • What is the server retention rate?
  • Where are new users coming from, and are they having active conversations?
  • Discord has a Server Insights feature where one can check the above and other metrics relating to messaging and interactivity.
  • Marketers should also dive deeper using sentiment analysis, activity over time of day, and popularity of topics over time.

To learn more about how to leverage analytics for community growth, check out this article.

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