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Jul 13, 2023

Learn 3 best ways on how to add and assign roles on Discord

Here is everything you should know about how to add roles in your Discord server roles to keep your users engaged.

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When it comes to community engagement, setting up a Discord server is only the first step. Users have to be kept busy, informed, and entertained. In this way, they will contribute to conversations and keep coming back.

Assigning Discord server roles helps moderators to do this. On Discord, server roles are based on permissions granted. They give users privileges.

For example, a server administrator can grant a moderator role. This gives the user the power to mute or even ban others who violate server rules.

Reasons to assign discord server roles

Roles streamline server operations. They make users feel entitled and entice them with possible future privileges.

Server roles can be assigned based on interests and activities. They also depend on the nature of the server. For example, a server based on an online game could have roles based on characters and gameplay.

  1. Status: Server roles are a way of assigning ranks to users. For example, those with the most contributions, referrals, and purchases can be granted more permissions.
  2. Gamification: Moderators can use the principles of gamification to make users progress from lower to higher levels. There could be ways to earn points and badges reflected on a leaderboard. Users who rank higher get more prominent roles with more privileges.
  3. Rewards: Rewards are linked to gamification. They are another reason for users to aspire to privileged roles. When a user is granted a role, rewards can be given in the form of server shout-outs, tokens, and discounts.
  4. Self-categorization: Yet another reason to assign roles is to let users choose the nature of their engagement. This promotes a sense of responsibility. It works best when server moderators have some familiarity with users. One user could ask to be given a music-playing role, for example, while another could be responsible for monitoring spam messages.

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How roles can be assigned on discord

3 types of permissions for Discord server roles

  1. General: such as the ability to manage roles and channels and mute or suspend users.
  2. Text: which have to do with sending and receiving messages on channels, using emojis, and attaching files.
  3. Voice: which give users the ability to use and moderate voice channels.

The above permissions can be mixed and matched for specific roles.

3 ways to assign roles

  1. Self-assigned roles: To begin with, the server admin creates basic roles. Then, users choose the roles that best suit them.
  2. Assigned by server admin: The server admin chooses users for specific roles based on their contributions.
  3. Automatically assigned: The server admin can program a Discord bot to assign roles based on whether the user has met certain conditions. These could be the number of messages sent, subscriptions, purchases, or anything relevant to the server.

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