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Jul 13, 2023

What is Discord API and How to Use it for Your App Development?

Use the Discord API to create apps and smoothly connect bots

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Are you a marketer seeking innovative and fun communication methods with your customers? Discord is the only place to look! The popular chat platform acts as a vibrant community hub where users may interact and communicate. However, can you use the Discord API to create apps and smoothly connect them with the platform?

This article will walk you through the ins and outs of integrating the Discord API, from building your bots to implementing best practices. By the conclusion, you'll have a solid basis for creating your apps powered by Discord and creatively connecting with your audience.

What is the Discord API?

The Discord API is a set of tools that allows developers to create bots or enhance the functionality of their app by utilizing data and services exposed by Discord. In other words, the Discord API provides a programmatic interface for developers to communicate with Discord. REST is one method for your applications to interface with the Discord API.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer, and a REST API or RESTful API is a programmable interface that adheres to the REST architectural style.

Developers can utilize Discord's REST API to retrieve user data such as names and profile photographs by making HTTP requests to a specific endpoint. The developer can then use the data in an external or Discord application.

Getting Started with Discord API

There are a few easy steps you must take if you want to use the Discord API to build a bot for your server.

Make sure your Discord account and server are set up first. To access the API and create your bot, create an application on the Discord Developer Portal.

Next, build a bot for your application once it has been developed. As a result, a token will be created to authenticate your bot and enable it to communicate with the Discord API.

How to Create a Discord Bot

Making a bot is a rather straightforward procedure. Here is a step-by-step guide to building Discord bots:

1. Create a Discord Application

Create a new application in the Discord Developer Portal.

How to create a discord application. Image credits: Discord Developer Portal

Give it a name and click "Create."

How to name a discord application. Image credits: Discord Developer Portal

2. Create a Bot User

In your application's "Bot" section, click "Add Bot" and follow the prompts to create your bot user.

How to create a bot user. Image Credits: Discord Developer Portal

3. Copy the Bot Token

The token for the bot will be shown as soon as it is created. Because tokens can only be viewed once when created, copy it and keep it safe. If you forget it or lose access to your token, you must regenerate a new token.

How to copy a bot token. Image Credits: Discord Developer Portal

4. Go to the OAuth2 URL Generator Tab

Generate an OAuth2 URL in the "OAuth2" section of your application. Select the "bot" scope and copy the generated URL.

How to Generate an OAuth2 URL. Image Credits: Discord Developer Portal

5. Configure Bot Permissions and Save the Generated URL

Navigate to the bottom to check the permissions your bot needs to work. The invite URL will be generated automatically based on the permissions you choose. If the Bot URL does not auto-generate, return to the Bot tab's Authorization Flow section and ensure "Requires OAuth2 Code Grant" is turned off.

How to configure bot permissions. Image Credits: Discord Developer Portal

6. Invite the Bot to a server

Enter the URL into your browser and choose the server you wish to invite your bot.

How to invite a bot to a server. Image Credits: Discord Developer Portal

You will be allowed to confirm the permissions you previously chose. If everything appears to be in order, click Authorize.

Alternatively, you can build Discord Bots without coding by utilizing the BotDisco tool to bring your server to new heights. BotDisco allows you to create automatic triggers and tasks to automate any task in Discord.

Discord API Key and Token

Like a user token, a Discord bot token is an alphanumeric phrase that serves as the permission code for the bot to perform Discord client operations. Developers can use this token to configure their bots and grant permissions.

To use the Discord API, you must first authenticate your requests with your API key and token. You will be given an API key when you build a new Discord application on the Discord Developer Portal. Your token is the code that allows your bot to connect to your Discord server.

To obtain your token, go to the Developer Portal's "Bot" section of your Discord application and click "Copy" under "Token." This token can authenticate your bot when submitting requests to the Discord API.

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Types of Discord Bots

There are many different types of Discord bots that you can create, depending on the needs of your community. Some common types of Discord bots include:

  1. Moderation bots: Help manage your Discord community by enforcing rules, kicking or banning users, and flagging inappropriate content. Examples include MEE6, ProBot, Dyno, etc.
  2. **Utility bots:** Provide practical tools and utilities to your Discord community, such as weather updates, news alerts, and translation services. Examples include BotDisco, Cymbal Bot, Dank Memer, etc.
  3. **Fun bots:** Provide entertainment and fun features to your Discord community, such as games, quizzes, and music players. Examples include Mudae, OwO, Pokétwo, etc. Pokétwo

Best Practices for Using Discord API

Now that you know how to create a Discord bot, let's review some best practices for using the Discord API.

1. Keep Your Token Secret

As earlier stated, your bot token is the key to your bot. So, keep it secret, and do not share it with anyone.

2. Don't Spam

Discord has strict rules against spamming. Ensure your bot is not spamming messages or sending too many requests to the Discord servers. This can result in your bot being banned from the server or even the entire Discord platform.

3. Use Rate Limits

Discord provides rate limits for their API requests. Follow these rate limits to prevent your bot from being rate-limited or banned.

4. Be Clear About What Your Bot Does

Make sure your bot's purpose is clear to users. This can help ensure clarity and understanding of what your bot does.

5. Test Your Bot

Test your bot thoroughly before deploying it to a server or hosting provider. This can help prevent bugs and ensure your bot is working correctly.


Overall, the Discord API is a great integration for developing original applications and automating processes on your server. You can build a trustworthy bot that enhances the functioning of your server using the steps and best practices outlined in this article.

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