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Jul 5, 2024

Twitter 101: A Beginner’s Guide To Using Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces, an integrated feature within Twitter, hosts live audio conversations, available to users with over 600 followers.

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Ever tried yelling into the Twitter void and wished someone could actually hear you? Well, welcome to Twitter Spaces, where your voice finally has a stage!

The emergence of Twitter Spaces was significantly influenced by the success of other audio-based social media platforms, particularly Clubhouse. Clubhouse, launched in April 2020, rapidly gained popularity by offering a unique space for live audio conversations, attracting high-profile users and generating significant buzz. The success of Clubhouse highlighted the demand for audio-based social interactions, leading to the development of similar features on other platforms, including Twitter. Twitter Spaces was initially rolled out to a select number of users in late 2020, but it became widely available to users with 600 or more followers on May 3, 2021. 

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Next, let's dive into what Twitter Spaces actually is.

What Is Twitter Spaces?

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Twitter Spaces is an audio-based social networking feature that enables users to participate in live conversations on a variety of topics. Users can create and join live audio rooms, providing a platform for real-time interactions within the Twitter ecosystem. 

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Key Features Of Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces offers a range of features designed to enhance your live audio experience on the platform. From creating interactive live audio rooms to managing roles and boosting discoverability, it provides the tools you need for engaging and dynamic conversations. Here’s a closer look at what makes Twitter Spaces stand out: 

  • Live audio rooms: Users can create and join live audio discussions, providing a platform for real-time conversations.
  • Host and speaker roles: Users can host Spaces, inviting others to participate as speakers or listeners. Hosts have control over who speaks and can manage the conversation effectively.
  • Discoverability: Spaces can be discovered by clicking the purple Spaces icon at the top of the Twitter app, sending a tweet, or sharing a link. 
  • Interactivity: Listeners can react using emojis, request to speak, and tweet directly from the Space, enhancing engagement.
  • Recording and replays: Hosts can record Spaces for future playback, allowing content to be shared and revisited later.

How To Access Twitter Spaces

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Getting started with Twitter Spaces is straightforward. This section will guide you through the steps to access and join Spaces, ensuring you can seamlessly tap into the world of live audio conversations.

  • On mobile: Twitter Spaces is available on both iOS and Android. Users can find active Spaces at the top of their Twitter app via the purple Spaces icon.

  • On desktop: Currently, Twitter Spaces is primarily designed for mobile use. However, users can listen to Spaces via a shared link on the web.

Setting Up Twitter Spaces

Image Credit: Social Media Examiner

Whether you want to host your live audio room or just participate as a listener, setting up a Space involves a few easy steps. Let’s walk through how you can create, customize, and manage your own Twitter Spaces to connect with your audience in real time.

Initiating a Space

  1. Via Compose Button:some text
    • Step 1: Open the Twitter app and tap the compose tweet button (a quill and plus icon).
    • Step 2: Select the Spaces icon (a microphone) to start a new Space.
  2. Via Profile Image:some text
    • Step 1: Tap your profile image at the top of the app. 
    • Step 2: Scroll to the right and tap the Spaces icon to start a new Space.

Customizing the Space

  1. Naming the Space: Enter a clear and engaging name for your Space that reflects the topic of discussion.
  2. Setting Permissions:some text
    • Who Can Speak: Choose who can speak in your Space—everyone, people you follow, or only people you invite to speak.
    • Setting Co-Hosts: Designate co-hosts to help you manage the Space.
  3. Enabling Captions: In the Space settings, turn on captions to make your Space accessible to all users, including those with auditory challenges or who are hard of hearing.

Inviting speakers

Image Credit: Social Media Examiner

  1. Invite Followers: Invite specific followers to join as speakers.
  2. Share a Link: Share the Space link on your timeline or through direct messages to invite others.
  3. Open to Everyone: Set the Space to allow anyone who joins to request to speak.

Participating in a Space

  1. Joining: Click the purple Spaces icon or a shared link to join as a listener. Look for the purple circle around profile pictures to find ongoing Spaces.
  2. Requesting to Speak: Listeners can request to speak by tapping the microphone icon, subject to host approval.
  3. Interacting: Use emojis to react, tweet directly from the Space, or share the Space with others. Engagement features include sharing Spaces and using emojis for a more interactive experience. 

So, how do you ensure you're making the most of a Twitter Space event? Let's explore the details here. 

Navigating A Twitter Space Event

Navigating a Twitter Space event involves understanding the roles, managing participants, and effectively utilizing engagement tools. Here's a concise overview to help you host or participate in a successful and interactive Twitter Space.

Roles and interactions

In a Twitter Space, the host creates and manages the event, inviting speakers, moderating discussions, and managing interactions. Speakers are invited to contribute to the conversation, while listeners join to listen and can request to speak or react with emojis.

Managing participants

Hosts can designate speakers by inviting listeners or accepting speaker requests. They can also mute speakers to maintain order and remove or block participants if necessary. Speakers can mute/unmute themselves, ensuring they control their participation.

Engagement tools

Host hosts and speakers can pin relevant tweets to the Space during the event, providing context or sharing links. Listeners can use emoji reactions to express their feelings without interrupting the conversation, enhancing interactivity.

Fostering interaction

To foster interactive discussions, encourage listeners to request speaking rights, plan segments for Q&A, and use real-time polls to engage the audience. Effective management and engagement tools can create a dynamic and engaging audio experience for all participants.

Leveraging Twitter Spaces For Personal Branding And Networking

Twitter Spaces offers a unique personal branding and networking platform, enabling users to connect with a broader audience through live audio conversations. Here's how to maximize its potential. 

Showcase expertise

  • Host regular spaces: You can establish yourself as a thought leader in your field by hosting regular Spaces on topics within your expertise. Share insights, industry trends, and valuable information to attract a dedicated audience.
  • Guest appearances: Participate as a speaker in Spaces hosted by others. This exposes you to new audiences and allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

Engage with your audience

  • Interactive sessions: Create Q&A sessions, interviews, or panel discussions to engage directly with your audience. Encourage listeners to ask questions and share their thoughts to foster a sense of community.
  • Real-time feedback: Use live interactions to receive immediate feedback on your ideas and opinions, helping you refine your message and better understand your audience's needs.

Networking opportunities

  • Collaborate with influencers: Invite industry influencers and experts to join your Spaces. This will boost your credibility and expand your network by connecting you with their followers.
  • Join relevant spaces: Participate in Spaces relevant to your industry to connect with like-minded professionals. Engage in discussions, share your perspectives, and make valuable connections.

With Blaze, you can automate outreach efforts to influencers and manage these collaborations efficiently, broadening your network and enhancing visibility.

Promote your brand

  • Cross-promotion: Promote your Twitter Spaces on other social media platforms, your blog, or your website. Encourage your followers from different platforms to join the conversation on Twitter Spaces.
  • Consistency: Maintain a regular schedule for your Spaces to build anticipation and a loyal following. Consistency helps reinforce your personal brand and keep your audience engaged.

Utilize engagement tools

  • Pin tweets: Share relevant tweets during your Spaces to provide context, and additional information or promote your content. This can drive traffic to your profile and other social media channels.
  • Emoji reactions: Encourage listeners to use emoji reactions to create an interactive and engaging environment. This can enhance the overall experience and make your sessions more memorable.

Case Study On Real Life Usage Of Twitter Spaces By Businesses 


The Washington Post 

Objective: The Washington Post sought to provide a platform for real-time discussions on current events, enhancing their journalistic reach and engaging their readers.

Strategy: They organized Spaces to discuss breaking news, featuring journalists, experts, and sometimes even the people involved in the stories. For example, during the Pandora Papers investigation, they used Spaces to dive deeper into the complex details, providing a nuanced understanding that a written article couldn't capture as effectively.


  • Enhanced Credibility: Real-time insights and expert opinions boosted their credibility as a news source.
  • Increased Subscriber Interest: Listeners who enjoyed the discussions were more likely to subscribe to the newspaper.
  • Audience Feedback: Real-time questions and comments from listeners helped shape future content and reporting


Twitter Spaces provides a powerful platform for real-time audio interactions, offering opportunities for personal branding and networking. By effectively utilizing the roles, managing participants, and engaging with your audience through interactive tools, you can create a dynamic and engaging experience.  As the popularity of audio-based social media continues to grow, Twitter Spaces presents a valuable tool for connecting with a broader audience and fostering meaningful conversations. 

Additionally, with tools like Blaze, you can unlock the full potential of Twitter marketing. Sign up for a free demo today to understand how our analytics can help you further your reach and enhance your marketing efforts.


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