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Jul 13, 2023

The best voice chat platforms for communities

Voice chat platforms offer many exciting ways to increase awareness $ boost loyalty. Here are the best platforms.

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There are many thriving communities of gamers, entrepreneurs, professionals, creative minds, and others. Voice chat platforms enable them to communicate in new and exciting ways.

For marketing managers, growth leads, and social media managers, voice chat platforms are an opportunity for real-time engagement and relationship-building. Here are some of the best platforms to consider.

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is a way for users to have live audio conversations. On Twitter, chat rooms are called ‚ spaces. These chat rooms are indicated at the top of individual timelines.

Twitter users with at least 600 followers can set up and host a chat room. The host can start a Twitter Space, give it a name, and invite followers as well as speakers. Companies can use this to announce new developments, discuss topical issues, and create loyalty among consumers.

Discord Voice Chat

Discord started as a community of gamers. It has now grown into a voice, video, and text chat app used by millions.

Every Discord server has a voice channel. Once you are invited into a server and have added friends, you can request voice calls. The calls can be one-on-one or a group chat. In general, such chats are related to the topic of the server. Such voice chats are often for existing customer to learn about other projects, or to ask the team product questions.

Marketers can use Discord chat in many ways. For example, they can create fan communities, feedback forums, and other groups.


This is a pioneering audio-based platform that calls itself the social audio app. It offers a variety of spaces called rooms‚, ranging from sports to tech to politics to faith to gaming and much more.

You can create or join such rooms to listen and chat with others on specific topics. You can also follow users and be notified about when they set up or join rooms.

Marketers can host rooms in Clubhouse to create user communities. Live discussions and Q&A sessions can boost brand awareness and engagement.

Other Chat Platforms

Instagram Live Rooms: This is an Instagram feature that allows four people to participate in a live video chat. Those who follow these users can watch the sessions. Live Rooms includes both Video and Voice. Instagram has announced that viewers will be able to buy badges for hosts, along with other features such as Live Shopping and Fundraisers.

LinkedIn: This professional social media platform has also enabled a voice messages function. Users can communicate with followers with voice messages, for up to one minute. It allows people to message on the go and build personal connections.

Reddit Talk: With this feature, Reddit users can use live audio conversations to hang out, discuss topics, or host AMAs.  Talks are hosted by moderators who invite speakers. Listeners can react with emojis and text comments, or request a chance to speak.

Twitch: Twitch is popular to stream both video and voice. Many gaming influencers and creators use Twitch to communicate with their fans and video themselves playing games or doing other activities. Twitch is not used for many to many calls, but a better interface for one person streaming to many fans.

Pros and Cons of Voice Chat Platforms

With so many voice chat platforms out there, marketers should be aware of their specific strengths, and what they bring to the table.

Pros and cons of voice chat platforms

At Blaze, we're excited about all the possibilities of voice chat for marketers. We offer many innovative ways to measure and track success on platforms such as Twitter and Discord. To find out more, do schedule a demo today.


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