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Jul 13, 2023

Steps to reactivate a Discord community

Learn how to reactivate Discord community with these proven strategies & tools including segmentation, messaging & analyzing results.

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Moderators spend a lot of time making manual updates on the server. That's when the focus is on inactive members in the server often gets lost. Fortunately, with the right tools for automation and strategy, some of these lost members can again reap the benefits of greater engagement, brand awareness and sales opportunities.

Here are some ways to reactivate a community and get all members to participate.

Finding Inactive Users

Discord's Server Insights Feature

Moderators of servers with over 500 members can use the Server Insights feature of Discord to track key metrics such as:

  • Growth and Activation: This lets moderators discover the number of new members acquired, how many are successfully talking on the server, and how many are retained.
  • Engagement: To track how the members communicate and which channels they prefer.
  • Audience: To find out where the members are from and how long they have been active on the server.

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Use Tracking Bots like Statbot

Bots such as StatBot provide useful features such as:

  • Tracking Message, Voice, Status, and Member Count stats.
  • Viewing these  through tables and graphs via a unified dashboard.

It helps to understand why members become inactive in the first place. Some common reasons are:

  • Unfamiliarity with the platform
  • Lack of perceived value
  • Feeling unwelcome

One helpful tip to avoid inactivity in the first place is to provide detailed FAQS and a proper onboarding process.

Segmentation and Messaging

Discord's Server Insights and Statbot can provide useful insights, but they are just a starting point. It can be time-consuming for moderators to track every metric.

For more advanced and automated metrics, moderators need to explore further. Creating user segments is the first step in this process.

With community CRM and analytics tools from Blaze, moderators can create such segments. They can then develop effective strategies for different segments – power users, new inactive users, and high-value users.

These are the broad areas that Blaze can help with.

  1. Feedback
  • Users can be asked for feedback on how and why they participate on the server.
  • The impact of events and campaigns can be measured holistically. Moderators can set up automated daily or weekly reports and alerts based on channel activity
  • Educational content strategies can then take care of information gaps.
  1. Event-based Invites or Coupons
  • Events such as seminars, quizzes, and contests can increase interest and engagement.
  • Celebrations such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and others can be linked to themed giveaways.
  1. Rewards and Incentives
  • Reward programs can be easily managed with automated verification of social activity.
  • Server roles can be assigned for members to make greater contributions and feel like an integral part of the community.

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Measuring and Acting On Results

Moderators can check the effectiveness of reactivation campaigns with tools for segmented analysis from Blaze. These tools can:

  • Map user journeys from the first touch to a transaction.
  • Communicate with users at scale with bulk direct messaging.
  • Track daily active members over time.
  • Conduct sentiment analysis via Machine Learning to rank positive, negative or neutral messages.

This way, moderators can check which campaigns are working and which ones should be fine-tuned for better results.

With Blaze, community management for reactivation becomes more powerful and effective. Moderators can:

  • Build personalized onboarding flows to create a welcoming environment from the start.
  • Automatically verify users to manage reward programs.
  • Identify user friction points and gain insights into inactivity.
  • Use AI-powered topic detection and word clouds to gauge trending issues and other topics of interest to the community.

Are you interested in learning more about creating a thriving Discord community? Register with Blaze to turbocharge community management.


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