Jul 13, 2023

How to check if discord is down or not working?

Self-diagnose your Discord server to see if it’s working properly. Read on to troubleshoot, and find ways to fix it.

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You make your morning coffee and sit down to work only to discover that your Discord server isn‚Äôt working properly. So many questions race through your mind: is there something wrong with only your server? Is the chat service acting up? Or is Discord down for all users? 

Like any other app, Discord can face an outage at any time. It can be because the servers are down or the result of a manual error. 

If you're a community manager or growth leader operating a Discord server, you have to be prepared for a potential outage. The first step in the process is knowing whether the app is down. The second is communicating the same to your server's members. In this article, we‚Äôll tell you how to check if Discord is down and share a plan of action if the app isn‚Äôt working well. 

Steps to Check if Discord is working:

Here are a couple of things to try when your Discord server is acting up.

1. Visit the official website of Discord Status. This page shows real-time status updates about the app. However, if there‚Äôs a major outage in the Discord server, this site might not show any issues since its hosted on the same server. 

2. Alternatively, you can also check the Discord Down Detector. This site by Ookla informs users about outages related to multiple apps. Users can report problems with the Discord app and the website will show an outage warning based on the number of responses.

Pro tip: You can try several third-party sites to check whether Discord is down or not. Some of these sites are  Down For Everyone Or Just Me and Is It Down Right Now.

3. Apart from these two sources, you can also check Twitter to see if users are facing similar issues with Discord. If its a major outage, you‚Äôll likely see multiple tweets or a trending tweet related to Discord. So, keep an eye on Twitter when facing trouble with the app. Moreover, you can also jump to Discord Twitter handle. You might find information about a potential outage. 
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What To Do If Your Discord Is Down: A Quick Playbook

So, you've identified an issue with Discord. What now? Follow these quick tips to get your Discord server up and running.

  • Double-check your internet connection and try switching to a different network.
  • Clear the cache and cookies in your browser, then close and restart it.
  • Use the Discord app instead of the browser version or vice versa.
  • Scan your system for malware to ensure its not a glitch.
  • Restart your device or uninstall and reinstall the app. 
  • Post on Twitter that Discord is down to your Twitter followers.

While these tips might not work in a major outage, they can easily fix minor issues with your system. If none of these best practices solve your concern, try updating your DNS server to achieve faster performance on your system.

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