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Jul 13, 2023

2 Best Ways to create polls on your Discord server

Discover the types of polls to run & how to create them on Discord. Get the best results from your community now.

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Online polls are a great way to keep users engaged. With Discord polls, one can:

  • Discover user interest in topics
  • Vote for moderators
  • Schedule events
  • Get feedback on new products and features
  • Break the ice and get to know other users

Discord polls encourage users to actively participate in the community. Server moderators get valuable feedback. Users have fun and feel connected with the project through a sense of collective ownership.

Types of Discord Polls

There are two broad ways to create Discord polls. One is through emojis. The other is by using a Discord poll bot.

Emoji Polls

One can create a poll in which users react via emojis. For example, one can ask users about their favorite characters in an online game. Users respond by clicking on thumbs-up or thumbs-down emojis next to the names of the characters.

Alternatively, there could be a poll with a yes/no question. Users express their opinion with a tick for yes or a cross for no.

How to set up an emoji poll:

  • One can go to the server channel where they want to conduct their poll. Type in the poll question.
  • Tag all the members of the community to notify them about the poll.
  • Remember to be clear about the poll instructions. The question should be straightforward, the options numbered, and the emojis indicated.
  • That‚Äö√Ñ√¥s it. Wait for members to respond.

This is simple and convenient. One can instantly check how many people have voted for separate options. However, there are a few issues to keep in mind.

  • Anonymous votes are not possible. This may make some users hesitate.
  • Some users may respond with other emojis that are irrelevant.
  • On busy servers, the poll question may go unnoticed because of the number of messages.

One way to get polls noticed is to create a dedicated poll channel on the server. Set up permissions for users to only "react" to channel messages (i.e. polls).

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Polls using Discord Bot

A poll bot gives the flexibility to conduct many types of polls on a Discord server. They can be used for many purposes, from fun to feedback.

  • Yes/No polls, as we have mentioned, are for simple answers to a question. Users can use emojis: for example, thumbs up, thumbs down, and shrug if they are unsure or undecided.
  • In multiple reaction polls, users have to choose between different choices. For example, they pick favorites from a list of online games. One has to type out the poll question and the options. Users can react alphabetically or numerically.
  • There are also external polls. Here, users are shown the poll question, and then have to click on a link. This directs them to another site where they respond.

How to set up Poll Bots

One can use bots on Discord poll to automate channel functions. Poll bots are a convenient way to conduct Discord polls.

  • Choose a bot, visit the website, and add it to the server.
  • Select one of the types of polls that the bot allows creating.
  • One can go to the channel where they want to host the poll.
  • Type in the question and wait for user responses.

There are many dedicated Discord poll bots to choose from. Among them are PollBot, Votify Bot, and RaidHelper Bot.

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