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Jul 13, 2023

Manage your Discord community with these top five Discord Bots

The set of automations provided by these bots will help you improve your Discord engagement, security, and insights.

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Nowadays, marketing and social media managers understand the importance of managing and tracking a Discord community. Discord began as a niche platform for gamers and has evolved into an all-purpose communications hub. According to Statista, Discord saw over 500 million monthly website visits from users worldwide in July 2022.

Marketers can produce targeted content for customers across pertinent communities using Discord. Greater brand engagement results from this. Additionally, it improves reputation and credibility.

Utilizing social media and Discord bots to automate communication, moderation and analytics makes this possible at scale.

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So, here are the top 5 bots to help you to manage your Discord community:

MEE6 Bot

The MEE6 Bot lets you welcome new users in unique ways. You can create customized commands and send messages in channels and DMs. The bot has a leveling system that rewards active members with rank cards and leaderboard positions. Roles can be assigned to users once they reach a certain level. This gives them access to exclusive channels, with special permissions. MEE6 is also popular for its moderation features.

Dyno Bot

In Discord, healthy and active communities abide by the rules. Moderation is necessary to block spam and prevent offensive activity. Dyno Bot lets you do this with ease. Moderation features include automatically blocking users with certain names. It is fully customizable, so you can set up different rules for different communities. The bot also has a central dashboard to enable, disable, and configure activity across commun


The Tatsu bot specializes in games and interactions. This bot can boost engagement and make your communities much more fun. It is extremely popular among those who play Discord games for credits and points (or XP). You can introduce profile cards and badges, to make members of your community more engaged. Members earn credits and points to spend on rewards. Tatsu also allows users to create and care for virtual pets and houses, increasing the loyalty factor.


BotDisco is a no code bot builder that lets you program complex workflows, like building gamification systems based on XP and roles. BotDisco makes it easy to assign points or rewards based on actions like connecting social media handles or engaging in a certain way. It can also be used to automatically respond to common support inquiries, as well as to onboard new users to a server.


Blaze is a marketing analytics bot that lets you instantly track engagement, sentiment, activity, and feedback. It is a unique, community-focused bot for marketers. The unified dashboard puts CRM results and analytics at your fingertips. With Blaze, you can create and reach out to segments based on activity.Blaze also connects Discord and Twitter to help you understand user journeys better.

For more tips and advice on how to manage your Discord community efficiently, schedule a demo with us right away. You’ll discover a world of powerful automation and insights.


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