Onboard and engage your community through Blaze Quests

Quests powered by Blaze's Rewards Campaign is a powerful way to onboard and incentivize users.

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Growing and onboarding new users to your web3 project’s community is a challenging task. Web2 marketing tools are no longer effective to attract relevant users onto your web3 community. Through rewards you can onboard, incentivize and engage new users to your community.

Note: You need to integrate your twitter, discord and telegram account to run the rewards campaign

Create onboarding form

The first step to run a quest is creating a rewards campaign. Through a rewards campaign you can setup onboarding and select actions that need to be performed for rewards by the user as part of the quest.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to create an onboarding form:

Add a suitable form title and description. Here’s an example:
  1. Title: Community Onboarding Form
  2. Description: Please fill in the form to join the community and win exciting rewards by participating in weekly quests!
Select the social connections that you’d like to collect from the survey respondents:
  1. For community onboarding, collecting twitter, discord and telegram will help engage users across different social media platforms.
  2. Collecting email connections can help keep users informed about announcements and product updates.
Add customised questions to your onboarding form. A few sample questions are:
  1. Enter you Name
  2. Where are you based out of?
  3. Which social platform do you prefer to engage with in the web3 space?

Choose a suitable logo and background for the onboarding form. Click next and your onboarding form is ready!

Post the creation of the onboarding form, you can choose a suitable login identifier. This will be the primary identifier for quest participants to use to login and see their rank.

Choose Actions for the Quest

Actions are tasks as a part of the quest that participants can perform and win points for every action completed. These points can be redeemed in the form of rewards.

Goal 1 - Collecting Social Channels

Collecting social channels of your participants can help you onboard and engage users across different platforms. Cross-platform onboarding and engagement becomes a cake-walk through these set of actions.

The following are the actions which can be added to your quest for cross-platform community onboarding:

  1. Connect Email - Using email ID connections,  you can keep your community engaged through regular newsletters, product updates and announcements!
  2. Connect Twitter - Twitter is the hub for all things web3 for web3 audiences such as developers and buidlers. Through Twitter connections you can engage with these audiences through Twitter DMs and distribute quests.
  3. Connect Discord - Discord helps users interface with other users in your community, helping foster an open and collaborative community.
  4. Connect Telegram - Onboard users to your telegram channel and keep them informed with latest announcements and updates.
  5. Connect Wallet - Wallet connections enables on-chain distribution of rewards.

Goal 2 - Onboarding users to your social platforms

Get users onboarded to respective social platforms and reward points for performing these tasks. Through Blaze, you can choose the following onboarding actions:

  1. Discord Onboarding: “Join the server” action helps you onboard users to your discord community
  2. Twitter Onboarding: “Follow account” action helps you onboard users to your twitter account
  3. Telegram Onboarding: “Join the group” action helps you onboard users to your telegram channel

Goal 3 - Engaging users on your social platforms

Actions around engagement will keep your community active and buzzing! Through Blaze, the following are the actions that can activate your users to engage within the social platform :

💡 Note: You need to integrate your social channels in-order to choose these actions

Twitter Engagement:

  1. Retweet any tweet: Award points for users who retweet any tweet on your account.
  2. Reply to Tweet: Award points for users who reply to any tweet on your account.
  3. Retweet a specific tweet: Award points for users who retweet a specific on your account. For this, tweet link as a reference input is required.
  4. Tweet with a specific keyword: Award points for users who retweet a specific keyword

Discord Engagement:

  1. Engage with the community: Award points to for each discord message sent on the server
  2. Holds a specific role on discord: Award points for discord members who reach a particular role on your server
  3. Be active on Discord: Through this action, you can allot users points for sending atleast one message on discord

Telegram Engagement:

  1. Engage with community: Award points to for each telegram message sent on the server

Create and distribute quest page and leaderboard

Post the creation of the rewards campaign, head to the activity tracker page to create a public facing quest page and leaderboard. Check this document for detailed steps on how to create quest page and leaderboard.

Tip: Using Blaze’s tools, you can automate the outreach/distribution process by creating a segment with target customers, create a message template and set up a DM campaign. Refer to this playbook to understand how to set up a Twitter Outreach campaign.

Onboarding Form

Onboarding Form View

Quest Page

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Leaderboard View

Track quest participation

Track and monitor quest participation through the activity tracker page. Based on the points secured by the users, distribute suitable rewards. To understand more on how to distribute rewards, refer to this documentation.

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