"For us, Blaze delivered beyond expectations, swiftly creating a custom whitelabelled quests and rewards program for the Pintu Community NFT event. Their tailored solutions, timely support, and reliability were outstanding. We were impressed by the robustness of the feature and the quick pace of execution, making Blaze an essential partner in our initiatives."
Jono, Senior Community Manager

Challenges & Results

Pintu - Indonesia's leading crypto platform, uses Blaze to run custom white label quests to expand their community and reward loyalty. Community NFT is a loyalty program from the Pintu Community, where you can collect NFTs by doing exciting missions in the Pintu community.

Finding a questing platform that could track custom NFT events

Provided extensive range of events tracked

Attaching an NFT distribution system to the quest

Built custom NFT distribution engine based on results

Urgent implementation and go-live timelines

Extremely quick and robust delivery