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Jul 13, 2023

Why connecting transaction and community data is crucial for your company

Enriching community data with transaction data is a huge unlock for marketers and community managers. Here's why.

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Building a community is the first step for many companies who want to pursue a community strategy. The next most important thing is ensuring you use this data to its full potential to improve your product, customer experience and growth. One surefire way to do this is through connecting community data to transaction data. With this data, you can answer critical questions such as:

  • How valuable is my community and what is the ROI of my community strategy?
  • Who in my community are my power users and my highest value users? Which users are interested in which parts of my product?
  • What levers can I pull and steps can I take to convert low value users into high value users?

This kind of an analysis also gives you an overall picture of community health, user satisfaction, and the way forward to becoming a profitable business. Here is some of the most popular ways to make the most of your community and transaction data.

Segment audiences for personalization

Segmentation of your audience and community allows for personalized communication based on values and interests. If you know the interests of users based on their past community communication, as well as know which of these users purchased what, you can give folks different offers and email campaigns based on both their topics of interests and purchase preferences.

For example, a gaming company that knew a user was highly active in the #tournaments community channel, and loves to purchase skins in a game, might receive an email about an upcoming tournament, in which new skins would be released. This kind of personalized communication is proven to lead to higher conversion.

There are two main ways to personalize experiences for maximum effect:

Personalized communication: Valuable community members can be given rewards and offers like tokens and early access. E-mail and social media campaigns can focus on their interests. For example, one segment gets informed about NFTs and another about purchasing virtual land.

Personalized product experiences: Brands can offer engaged community members exclusive access to new product features. These rewards can also take the form of beta testing and feedback. The effect of such personalized actions is to create more loyalty among committed users.

Identify brand ambassadors and champions

In most communities, some users are more passionate and engaged than the rest. They are more active, make more contributions, and have given more referrals and purchases. These users are often the best champions, as they too have invested a lot in the brand in the past.

These community members are highly valuable to your business, and should be cultivated and paid attention to. They should get chances to promote the brand and be given incentives such as affiliate programs. Over time then, ambassadors can amplify the brand, provide feedback, and build your brand equity.

Through connecting community and purchase data it is a lot easier to identify these high value customers who can act as ambassadors and champions.

Offer VIP Service and Support

After-sales support and service are paramount aspects of community-building. Priority should be given to valuable customers.

  • VIP users can be given quicker responses to queries.
  • VIP users can be given exclusive support channels to meet their needs.
  • They can be given extended warranties, depending on the nature of the product.
  • VIP users can also be tasked to serve as customer support agents for resolving other users' queries

With easier identification of which community members are high value and how they have transacted in the past, such support can be more easily provided.

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Create Private Groups for Exclusive Content

Community managers can set up private groups and channels for high-value users. For example, they can form an invitation-only sub-channel on a Discord server or a separate Slack channel.

Users can be offered exclusive content, seminars and advice within these spaces. Those with a specific number of tokens can be invited to special discussions. For example, those interested in decentralized finance can have sessions with investors. More talks can be held to focus on their other concerns.

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