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Jul 13, 2023

The importance of hosting a gaming community | Benefits & strategies

Discover how a community can be a powerful tool for gaming companies to attract, engage and retain users.

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Gaming while may seem like a solitary hobby instead is an engaging way to find, connect, experience and share information with other gamers having the same passion. These gamers then form robust and engaged groups when they come together as a community. They make friends and exchange tips & advice to beat a tougher opponent, report glitches and even create community merchandise.

Hence the influence of the gaming community is unbound which makes it increasingly important in the Web3 world, where the power of gaming guilds is increasingly becoming popular. Thus, hosting a community is crucial for marketers of gaming firms. It is an opportunity to plug into a group of committed users eager to participate and share feedback.

Three powerful reasons why marketers should engage in community hosting

1. Reduced marketing expenses

Finding new customers can be expensive. In a gaming community, you can discover a readymade audience. Strategies can be put into place to re-engage and bring back lapsed players. You can share information, discuss new versions, and energize players without spending a lot more.

2. Increased retention

When you host a gaming community, you can increase the retention of players. That means a rise in daily active users and monthly active users. The interactions between players in the community can increase collaboration, especially for multiplayer games. Strong social bonds mean that they have more fun when playing together.

3. More product feedback

Active players of a game are the best ones to provide feedback. Such feedback can be beneficial for a thriving gaming community. Community hosting can provide insights that make the game better. Further, some players can become product testers. Beta versions can be rolled out and then modified based on user experience.

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Some popular examples of the benefits of gaming communities

Top Gaming Brands have been quick to realize the value of community. Of all the gaming companies founded in the last two years, 75 percent have Discord communities. Many games also use Twitch to connect with relevant viewers and help them discover their game.

Games such as Valorant, Roblox, and Minecraft all have large communities. At last count, the official Valorant community on Discord had over 900,000 members. Roblox has over 800,000. Minecraft has a variety of servers with daily activity by tens of thousands of users.

The impact of a gaming community goes well beyond this. The Fortnite community, for example, has become more than just a game. It has evolved into a social space for users to hang out, share news, and discuss pop culture. This strong bond drives even more people to the game.

The evidence is compelling that if you're promoting a game, the best way to energize users and attract new ones is to moderate an online community. Not only can this increase the amount of time spent playing your game, but it can also draw in more people with the offer of discussions of game features and experiences.

After making the decision to host a gaming community, you then need to set yourself up for success and figure out how to measure community ROI. You need to be able to easily analyze activity,  automat processes and measure metrics so you can inform your decisions.

We at Blaze offer one stop solution to all your analytics and automation tools that provides insights into how gaming brands can sustainably foster their community. To discover more, schedule a short demo today to discover more about winning strategies for engagement and retention.


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