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Jul 13, 2023

Web3 Twitter Trends To Watch In 2023: What Marketers Need To Know

Need an updated guide to Web3 Twitter trends? Then this blog is for you! Read to know more.

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Web3 Twitter Trends To Watch In 2023: What Marketers Need To Know 

Digital marketers need to be ready for the future. In particular, the rise of Web3 will change how you can build and engage with communities. Social media platforms like Twitter will reflect these changes.

These Web3 Twitter trends can reveal opportunities. They can show you where to focus your efforts. And they can offer insights that will shape future strategies.

Today, marketers use Twitter in many ways. Some of the tactics are to announce new products, tie up with influencers, customer support, and build loyalty.

However, the rise of Web3 will usher in new ways of using Twitter and other social media platforms.

For example, the global Web3 market was worth $3.2 billion in 2021. Studies show that the market will grow at an annual rate of 43.7% in the next eight years. Experts have predicted exciting new use cases for NFTs, with the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and a decentralized system of working.

Here is a look at some Web3 marketing trends and how you can use Twitter to reach your digital objectives.

Some Web3 Twitter Trends in 2023 

Here are some recent developments and predictions. So you can use Twitter and Web3 for blockchain marketing.

  • Twitter has launched several new features. For example, Twitter Blue subscriptions, multiple media formats, longer tweets, and an edit button.
  • The Twitter algorithm now offers more visibility to those who have subscribed to Twitter.
  • It was also reported that Twitter would be introducing a voice and video chat feature on the platform.

Twitter trends in 2023 can significantly affect your marketing plans. They can affect your tweets' reach, who you reach out to, and their composition.

The world of Web3 is also rapidly changing. Here are some significant developments:

  • Many countries are exploring regulation and policy approaches to Web3. These will safeguard users from fraud, exploitation, and loss.
  • New social media platforms are built on a decentralized model. One such decentralized social media platform is the Lens Protocol. Other social media sites may also incorporate these features.
  • NFTs and other digital assets are reaching wider audiences. They encompass all sectors, from the arts to finance.
  • Many large enterprises have begun exploring Web3 for new projects. For example, Starbucks has introduced Starbucks Odyssey, a digital reward program.

These developments mean that Web3 marketing's potential is rapidly expanding. Early adopters will benefit.

How to Incorporate Web3 Twitter Trends into Your Marketing Strategy 

Here are some helpful pointers to take advantage of Web3 Twitter trends.

  • Follow leading Twitter handles related to crypto, NFTs, and Web3 developments. These offer windows into new projects and existing opportunities.
  • Consider tying up with Twitter influencers who specialize in Web3 and the metaverse. You can connect with their followers to create buzz around your projects.
  • If you are a Twitter Blue subscriber, use the new features to organically expand your tweets' visibility and reach.
  • Whatever your Web3 project, look at whether you can create new types of NFTs for it. These can be used to incentivize existing and new users.
  • Establish robust privacy and data-sharing protocols. Web3 puts users in control. They will be loyal to enterprises that respect their consent.


Examples of Successful Web3 Twitter Marketing Efforts 


Pinata is an NFT delivery network that has raised millions in funding. It aims to build an ultra-fast, reliable platform for NFTs. These can be in the form of images, videos, or apps. Pinata took an “anti-hype” approach to growth. Their communication focused on the future of Web3, along with transparency and values. They are active on platforms such as Discord and Medium. Pinata has over 17K Twitter followers. The company tweets about the actions of NFT creators.



LiveBash is an exciting virtual entertainment start-up. Their initial funding round was oversubscribed. Here, you can book a virtual stage, stream live shows, and build a digital collectible portfolio. It serves both performing artists and fans. Their marketing outreach emphasizes support, transparency, reliability, and innovation. Performers tweet about their LiveBash shows on Twitter.  

Best Practices for Leveraging Web3 Twitter Trends in Your Marketing Campaigns 

Web3 Twitter trends can be powerful tools for your marketing campaigns. By following these best practices, you can effectively connect with your target audience to maximize engagement.

  1. Develop an authentic brand voice. This helps to engage in meaningful conversations on Twitter.
  2. Take advantage of Twitter’s multimedia capabilities. You can incorporate images, videos, and interactive content into your tweets.
  3. Foster a sense of community by organizing meet-ups and webinars. These are occasions for users to gather, share ideas, and build connections.
  4. Collaborate with influencers on Twitter and other platforms, such as Discord. You can tap into their reach and excite potential users about your Web3 offerings.
  5. Stay updated on Web3 trending topics on Twitter and leverage them in your marketing efforts. In this way, you can increase visibility and relevance.
  6. Address common questions and concerns about Web3. You can do this by providing explanations, education, and reassurance, on Twitter and other channels.

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By implementing these strategies, you can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and effectively leverage Web3 Twitter trends to drive engagement and adoption.

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