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Jul 13, 2023

5 Twitter Features You Didn't Know Existed But Should Start Using Now

Discover Twitter's untapped potential to Twitter to streamline content discovery! Delve into 5 hidden Twitter features in this blog!

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5 Twitter Features You Didn't Know Existed But Should Start Using Now

Engagement and personalization are paramount for marketers to maximize their impact in the digital landscape. When it comes to Twitter, its advanced features hold immense value in connecting with a vast audience. From Twitter chats and polls to captivating moments, they enable businesses to spark meaningful conversations and cultivate brand loyalty. Let's dive into hidden Twitter features that help curate distinctive experiences and increase brand recall and awareness.

5 Hidden Twitter Features 

Here are five Twitter hacks that will take your social media experience to a new level.  

1. Advanced search options and filters 

With millions of tweets posted daily, looking for a specific tweet or information is difficult. This is where advanced search options and filters can help. This advanced Twitter usage allows you to curate search results for specific phrases, date ranges, handles, hashtags, or mentions.

Here are the steps to use the advanced search:

  • Type your query in the Twitter search bar.
  • See the Search filters menu on the right.


  • Use these simple filters based on People and Location, or head to the Advanced search option. 
  • Refine your words based on - Words, Accounts, Engagement, and Dates.

Words - Include or exclude terms using the "All of these words," "Any of these words," or "None of these words" options.

Accounts - Search for tweets sent to or from a particular account.

Dates - Tweets sent before/after a specific date or within a date range.

Engagement - Specify tweets with minimum replies/likes/retweets.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

Optimize your Twitter experience, save time, and navigate the platform more efficiently with keyboard shortcuts. For a business managing multiple accounts, including these shortcuts in their routine enhances productivity and streamlines interactions. Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts:

3. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a free web-based official Twitter product with advanced features for managing and organizing Twitter accounts. Use this Twitter tool to get real-time updates, switch between multiple accounts, create customized columns, schedule tweets, filter tweets based on different criteria, and track trends using the advanced search. 

Example - For example, if you want to schedule a tweet, here are the steps you should follow:

  • Visit https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/ and log in with your Twitter account. 
  • Click on the "+" button on the left-hand side of the screen to create a new column. Select "Add column" and choose the account you want to schedule tweets for. 

  • Type your tweet, including any hashtags, mentions, images, or videos.
  • Click on the Schedule Tweet option and choose the date and time you want it published. 

This tweet will then be automatically sent at your specified time.

4. Customization settings for notifications and privacy

The customization settings for notifications and privacy help tailor your Twitter experience to your preferences. With this Twitter hack, you can manage interactions, control content visibility, and ensure a safer and more personalized experience on the platform. 

I. Notification Settings 

Customize notifications for various events - mentions, retweets, likes, and follows. Choose to receive notifications from everyone, only people you follow, or turn off specific notification types altogether. You can change settings with Quality filters, Mute notifications, and Advanced filters. 

II. Privacy and safety settings 

You can change the settings related to - Your Twitter activity and Data sharing and personalization. 

Here are some Twitter tips to help you maintain the right settings and enhance your overall experience:

  • Adjust your photo tagging settings to control who can tag your business. 
  • Decide whether you want to receive direct messages from anyone or limit them to people you follow. 
  • Fine-tune your account's discoverability to control your profile's appearance in search engine results. 
  • Regularly review the permissions granted to third-party apps connected to your Twitter account.
  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an extra layer of security.

5. Twitter Lists 

Twitter lists are curated collections of Twitter accounts grouped together based on a specific theme, interest, or category. This Twitter feature helps filter through the noise and focus on specific topics.  

Suppose you want to create a list of people who share valuable stock market tips and view their Tweets specifically. Here’s how you can accomplish that:  

  • To navigate to your profile, go to your home page first.
  • Next, click on the Lists tab and select the Create new list icon. 

  • Name your list of 'Stock Market Tips' and provide a description and picture. You can also choose whether to make the list private. Once done, click on Next.
  • Now, proceed to add accounts to your list. 
  • Click on Done. 

Twitter Lists are of two types - Public and Private. The Public list is visible to every Twitter user, while private lists are only visible to the creator. When added to a public list, users receive notifications, but they remain unaware if added to a private list. A private list can help track competitors' handles and stay up-to-date with their activities without explicitly following their accounts.


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Wrap Up

Embrace these lesser-known Twitter features, unlock new possibilities, engage your audience effectively, and elevate your social media game. Amplify your Twitter presence with lists, advanced search options, and TweetDeck to drive tangible results in the digital landscape.

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