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Jul 13, 2023

How to run successful referral campaigns in Discord

Referral campaigns are a great way to grow the number of Discord users. Here is how to plan, set up and operate them.

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Discord referral campaigns incentivize current users to spread the word about the community to new users. They send them invites and ask them to join the server.

In this way, referral campaigns draw in new users and increase the loyalty of existing ones.

Referral campaigns for community management can be divided into three parts. They have to be planned, set up, and operated.

Planning Referral Campaigns

The first step is to decide the goals and rewards of referral campaigns.

  • Common community management goals are to grow the server, create awareness, or develop a platform for purchases. Discord server admins and moderators must plan referral campaign goals before moving ahead.
  • Rewards are the incentives given to existing users for referrals. Sometimes, new members, upon joining, are also given rewards. These could take the form of tokens, discounts, server privileges and particular server roles. To keep the referral campaigns sustainable, such incentives help create a flywheel effect.

Another factor at the planning stage is determining the length of the campaign. The duration depends on the goals. It could be as short as a week, or it could go on for a much longer time.

Setting Up Referral Campaigns

The next step is to communicate the referral program to Discord server users. Server settings will have to be adjusted for the referral program to begin.

  • To allow invites, turn on permissions to allow all members to create links in server settings. This option can also be made available only for specific roles.
  • Give instructions to people to create their invite links without expiry. They must continue to use that link for all invites.
  • If the invite links are to be used for more than 7 days, ensure that users edit the expiry date in the "Invite friends pop-up".

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Operating Referral Campaigns

Most community management leads to find it handy to use a Discord bot that enables and tracks invites. The Invite Tracker bot is one example. It offers features such as invite tracking, giveaways, message tracking, and others.

The bot can be added by visiting its website and enabling permissions on the server. Use the bot to create an invite leaderboard that updates automatically. The bot’s invite commands can display the following:

  • The personal invite link
  • Member invite codes.
  • A list of users invited.
  • A list of those who invited specific users.
  • The number of invites per user.

For referral campaigns, the bot can also display the following:

  • The links used to access the website.
  • The invite link to join the Discord server.
  • The number of messages sent and received.
  • The server‚Äôs join statistics.

Naturally, the final step is to distribute rewards to the winners of the referral campaigns. These rewards should be in keeping with the ones that were announced at the start of the campaign. To increase loyalty, administrators can announce special surprise rewards for those who have made a significant contribution.

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