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Jun 8, 2023

How to create and run a successful Discord server

Want to set up a Discord server? Here are the steps you should keep in mind.

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Discord is an invaluable platform for a community to connect with members, discuss shared interests, and build loyalty.

You can set up public or private servers on Discord quite easily! Follow the steps listed below.

Download the Discord App and Create an Account

Discord has both web and mobile phone apps. After installing one of them, register by entering a phone number or email address. Create a username and password. Click on the “Create an Account” button to complete registration.

Server Set Up

After registration, click on the “Create a Server" button. Select a private or public server option. Name it and add a distinct image relevant to the topic of the server.

Permissions and Roles

A Discord server creator can assign roles to users in the community. These roles are based on permissions granted. They allow users to carry out specific functions. For example, they can add reactions to messages or perform other administrative duties.

  • To assign permissions, click on the menu next to the server name. Go to server settings.
  • Select the 'Create Role' option from the "Roles tab. Give each role a name. It could be based on a game ranking, a team, or anything else, such as a DJ for music.
  • Now, select the 'Permissions' tab of the role. Here, you can grant permissions for activities like sending and reacting to messages or banning members.
  • Finally, assign roles to community members, and save changes.

Text and Voice Channels

A Discord server can have text and voice channels. To set these up, launch the app and go to the server.

  • Click on the plus sign next to the indicated text or voice channel.
  • Give this a name and click on create channel button.
  • Text and voice channels can be deleted or added at any time. Click on settings next to a channel and "Delete channel" to remove a voice or text channel

Channel Categories

To streamline the community experience, a server’s channels can be categorized. These categories include FAQs, general information, giveaways, and announcements.

  • To create a category, click on the server name and select 'create category'.
  • Give it a name and organize channels under categories.
  • Permissions can be synched or altered across categories. To edit permissions, right click on a category and select edit category.

The Welcome Experience

It is important to welcome new users so that they feel accepted into the community. It is also necessary to weed out bad actors. Discord bots for verification, such as Captcha, will secure and protect the channel. A welcome channel can also be created, which outlines the rules and what can be expected. Moderators can use Discord bots to create a welcome channel with custom messages.

Server Analytics

Discord’s Server Insights feature shows data that is important to marketers, such as growth and engagement metrics. To access it, click on 'View Server Insights' in server settings. Marketers also need to dig deeper for better insights. Blaze is a community growth tool that analyzes data and measures strategies for success.

Server Moderation

The server needs to maintain a healthy and productive environment. A Discord bot can act as an auto-moderator to prevent abuse and spam. Users can be warned and their messages deleted. For other functions, Discord bots such as BotDisco can send auto-messages on issues such as billing changes and document links.

To learn more about creating and managing a thriving Discord community, register with Blaze today!


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