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Jun 16, 2024

How to Export or Save Discord Chat History

Various methods exist to download Discord logs such as using browser extensions like the Discord History Tracker and Discordmate

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Ever desired you could keep a backup of your Discord chat history? Whether for private records or keeping track of essential chats, knowing how to download discord logs can be helpful. This guide will walk you through numerous techniques, including browser extensions like Discord History Tracker and Dicordmate Chrome Extension, so you can easily save your chats. 

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Overwhelmed by all these extensions? Don't worry, there's an easier way right through your browser.

Using Browser Tools and Extensions

Available Methods Through Browser Extensions and Applications

If you want to save or export your Discord chat history, you're in luck! Numerous browser extensions and applications make this process a breeze. These tools permit you to download logs directly from your Discord servers, making it easy to keep track of significant chats or memories. 

Using the Discord History Tracker

One of the most eminent tools is the Discord History Tracker. This browser extension ensnares and saves your conversation history with just a few clicks. You can use it by following the below-mentioned way:

  1. Install the Extension: First, download and install the Discord History Tracker extension from the Chrome web store. 
  2. Log into Discord: Launch Discord in your browser and log in to your account. 
  3. Start Tracking: Click on the extension symbol and follow the instructions to record your conversation records. You can choose precise channels or chats to track. 
  4. Save the Logs: Once you’ve recorded the chats you wished to, you can save the logs to your device in several formats, like HTML or JSON. 

Using Discordmate Chrome Extension

You can also choose Discordmate Chrome Extension, which is another excellent option. This tool offers a direct way to export your Discord conversation history:

  1. Install Discordmate: First, open your Chrome browser and add the Discordmate extension to your browser. 
  2. Launch Discord: Go to Discord and open the application. 
  3. Export Chats: Click the Discordmate icon and select the channels or messages you wish to export. The extension will assemble the chosen chats into downloadable files. 
  4. Download: Save the exported logs to your PC or Laptop. You can select from distinct file formats, making archiving or sharing your conversation records easy. 

These extensions are ideal for anyone requiring to keep track of their Discord Conversations. Whether for personal purposes or to preserve history for a project, these tools have you covered. 

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Now, let's take a deeper dive into using the browser version of the Discord History Tracker.

Using the Browser Version of Discord History Tracker

Choosing Between Userscript, Console, or Bookmarklet Version

When using the Discord History Tracker to export or save your conversation records, you have three choices: the Userscript, Console, or Bookmarklet Version. Each technique provides quirky benefits, depending on your technical comfort level and precise requirements. 

  1. The Userscript version incorporates directly into your browser using a script manager such as Tampermonkey. This choice is perfect if you are friendly with browser extensions and want a smooth experience without manual interference each time you use it. 
  2. The Console version indulges running a script directly from your browser’s developer console. This technique suits those comfortable with basic coding notions and provides a rapid, no-installation-needed approach. It’s ideal for intermittent use or for those who prefer not to download supplementary software.
  3. The Bookmarklet version refines the process further by permitting you to save the script as a bookmark. You can then directly click the bookmark to track your Discord records. This technique is feasible and requires minimal technical comprehension, making it ideal for apprentices. 

Saving the Viewer File on Your Computer

After selecting your ideal technique and using the Discord History Tracker to produce the chat logs, you should save the viewer file on your PC. This essential file lets you view and review your conversation records offline. 

To save the viewer file, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Generate the Logs: Run the Discord History Tracker using your preferred technique (userscript, console, or bookmarklet).
  2. Download the File: Once you create the logs, a download prompt will appear on your screen. Save the file to a location on your PC where you can easily find it. 
  3. Open the Viewer: Usually, the file you download is an HTML document. Launch it in your website browser to see your Discord conversation record. 

You should back up this file frequently, chiefly if the conversation record contains vital data. For auxiliary security, you might contemplate saving it to a cloud service. 

Recommendation to Use a Different Discord Account

When using tools such as Discord History Tracker, it’s prudent to exercise vigilance, specifically regarding the security and privacy of your main Discord account. One efficient way to alleviate potential threats is to use a distinct Discord account primarily for exporting or saving chat records. 

Let’s take a look at why it's advantageous:

  • Minimize Threats: If any problem arises from using the tracker, your primary account remains genuine. 
  • Improved Privacy: Using a separate account helps safeguard your private data and personal chats. 
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your main account is secure permits you to use the tool more deliberately and without concern. 

To enforce this, simply create a new Discord account and use it solely to run the Discord History Tracker. Ensure this record has the essential permissions to attain the channels you want to export. 

By adhering to these instructions, you can efficiently and securely export or save your Discord chat history using the Discord History Tracker. 

Feeling PDF-savvy? You can also save your Discord messages directly as PDFs.

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Saving Messages Directly as PDF

Exporting or saving your Discord chat records might seem daunting, but it can be astonishingly straightforward, especially when using Google Chrome. Let’s look at an easy step-by-step guide to get your texts saved as PDFs: 

➡️Step-by-Step Guide on Saving Discord Messages Using Google Chrome

Saving your Discord chat records as a PDF can be valuable for keeping history and sharing chats. Follow the guide below to check how to save discord messages using Google Chrome:- 

Step 1: ➡️ Navigating to Discord and Choosing Messages

First, launch Google Chrome and log into your Discord account. Go to the server and channel where your messages are. Scroll through the chat history to ensure all the messages you want to save are loaded on the screen. The print attribute in Chrome nails what’s apparent, so make sure the whole chat is shown. 

Step 2: ➡️ Using the Print Dialog

Next, press Ctrl+P on your keyboard ( or cmd + p on a Mac) to launch the print dialog. This displays the page as it will appear in the PDF. 

Please Note:- If Ctrl+P isn’t working on Windows, then press Ctrl+Shift+P to launch the print dialog. 

Step 3: ➡️ Choosing 'Save to PDF' as the Destination

In the print dialog, you’ll see a choice specified “Destination.” Click on this, and from the dropdown menu, select “Save as PDF.” Adapt any auxiliary settings, like format or pages, to fit your requirements. Once everything seems good, click the “Save” button. Select a destination on your PC where you want to save the PDF, give it a name, and click “Save” again.

By following these steps, you can easily save your Discord messages as PDFs using Google Chrome. 

Ready to try another powerful tool? Let's explore DiscordChatExporter next.

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How to Export or Save Discord Chat History Using DiscordChatExporter

Read the FAQ Before Use

Before plunging in, reading the FAQs section of DiscordChatExporter is a great idea. This will give you a clear comprehension of the tool’s abilities, restrictions, and any common problems you might confront. The FAQ covers everything from installation guidelines to troubleshooting tips, ensuring you’re well-prepared to use the tool efficiently. 

Use a Different Account for Exporting Chat History

Contemplate using a distinct Discord account when exporting chat records for added security. This reduces the threat of uncovering your main account’s data if something goes wrong. Simply create a secondary account, join the significant servers, and use it to run DiscordChatExporter. This way, you keep your predominant account safe while still getting the job completed. 

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Privacy Considerations

Be Mindful of Privacy Concerns

When sharing exported chat logs, always be mindful of privacy concerns. Chat logs can accommodate sensitive data, and you should ensure you have assent from all parties before sharing any exported information. This is critical for sustaining trust and regarding privacy. 

Remember, exporting and sharing chat records should be done efficiently. Use these tips to make the procedure sleek and secure, safeguarding your information and others’ privacy. 

Wrapping things up, here's what you need to keep in mind for the best results!


Exporting or saving Discord chat records can initially seem daunting, but it's pretty tractable with the right tools and techniques. Whether you use browser extensions such as Discord History Tracker and Discordmate Chrome Extension or opt for third-party software solutions, the process is easy and effective. Comprehending how to download discord logs ensures that your essential chats and information are securely archived for future reference. Remember always to use esteemed tools and follow best practices to keep your data safe. Now, you’re well-equipped to sustain your Discord chat history with ease. 

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