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Jul 13, 2023

Discord stats that every admin should track for their server

Discord is emerging as a key channel. Discover the metrics you should keep an eye on to effectively manage communities.

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Discord communities are a meaningful platform for Web3 users. It is where gamers, creators, investors, fans and others interact daily.

A new study reveals that Discord has 300 million registered accounts and more than 140 million active monthly users. They communicate across over 13.5 million active servers.

Marketing and community managers cannot afford to ignore Discord. While moderating communities is a meaningful activity, it is equally important to analyze performance.

The metrics to measure

Businesses have started leveraging the power of communities by using Discord as one of the platform. There are a gamut of reasons to decide how they can use Discord for growth. Based on these reasons, marketers can then decide the right metrics to track.

Discord has a new feature called Server Insights for moderators of servers with over 500 members. This feature gives you insights into server performance. Some of these Discord analytics are:

  • What is the retention rate?
  • Where are the members coming from?
  • Are users having active conversations?

While Server Insights can be valuable in measuring engagement, they do not give you the whole picture. Here is why:

  • Server insights does not provide granular data, aggregating data on a weekly basis rather than daily or by the hour.
  • The data is lagged and many metrics are rendered days later rather than right away.
  • Server insights lack extensive user insights and do not allow you to do a deep dive on members at an individual level, or segment members based on past activity.
  • Server insights does not track sentiment nor does it automatically analyze conversations to detect topics and identify issues being reported.
  • Server insights data is siloed and not connected to other organic marketing channel metrics, nor transaction or product data.

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Here are the crucial Discord analytics to keep in mind.

Total number of members: The total member count of a community is significant. It should be tracked regularly as it is often the foundation for other metrics. The total number of members lets you know whether the community is thriving and growing. This base lets you measure ratios of engagement.

Number of active members: The number of active members in a community indicates user engagement. It shows whether the community is creating loyalty and interest among the audience. The more active members there are, the fewer the chances of users dropping out over time. The aim should always be to increase this number.

Number of messages: On Discord, messages can be sent on the server for all users or as private DMs. A high number of messages indicates high engagement. Marketers can gain insights into customer interests by tracking which topics generate the most messages. The most loyal users will be the ones who send the most messages.

Activity over time of day: When moderating a server, it is important to know the times during which the majority of the users are active. This metric helps when it comes to planning events and debates. The number of people logged on at a specific time and the number of messages sent are indicators of this.

Sentiment over time: Sentiment analysis provides marketers with essential clues about user behavior and attitudes. For example, user sentiments can be tracked at the time of a new product release or upgrade. This analysis provides an early indication of how well it is received. Tracking sentiment over time shows the positive or negative impact of the brand on the user's life.

Topics over time: On every server, old topics become inactive, and new ones take their place. Analyzing topics over time provides marketers insights into the subjects that interest community users. It can also reveal their seasonality. Community events can be planned around this information.

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