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Jul 6, 2024

Discord Servers and Dashboard Topics

The Discord server dashboard helps in managing and analyzing server activities effectively, covering tabs and their functionalities.

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Discord servers are undoubtedly the center of community building, a versatile platform for communication and collaboration. During the time of its inception, Discord was designed for the gaming community, but over time, it evolved into a social hub for diverse groups, for example: professional teams and hobby enthusiasts.

These servers offer customizable spaces where members can interact through text, voice, and video, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement. Over time, these servers have served as an essential tool for cultivating dynamic and interactive online spaces. 

Recently, Discord has taken a step to enhance the management of these servers by introducing a Discord server dashboard. Let’s begin by understanding what it is. 

What is a Discord Server Dashboard?

Discord Server Dashboard

Imagine having a bird's-eye view of all your server activities in one place. That's exactly what the Discord Server Dashboard offers. This innovative feature transforms every server's default view into a comprehensive "Server Dashboard," providing a general overview of your server's essential information. Here are the key information about this idea: 

  • Easy Convenience: The Dashboard is designed with convenience in mind, bringing together key elements from all your channels into a single, easily accessible interface. It's composed of Tiles, or Cards, that showcase a variety of content. For instance, you can have a Tile for texts to make important Rules or Announcements, ensuring that critical information is always at your fingertips. Additionally, a Calendar Tile can help organize events across the server, making it simple to keep track of upcoming activities.
  • Easy Navigation: The Dashboard features smaller versions of your text channels within the Tiles. This means you can follow multiple channels without the hassle of switching back and forth between them. 
  • Better User Experience: The Discord Server Dashboard enhances the user experience, making it more manageable and enjoyable for both casual users and server administrators alike. This feature elevates Discord's already impressive platform, ensuring that all users can navigate and engage with ease.

Some of the key tabs and their functions that you see on your Discord server dashboard are as follows: 

Discord server dashboard is indeed an amazing addition to help server owners improve their server management. But how does this work exactly? Let’s understand. 

How Discord Server Dashboard Aids in Managing and Analyzing Discord Server Activities? 

Managing a Discord server can be like juggling multiple balls at once. The Discord Server Dashboard is here to make sure you don’t drop any of them. 

This tool is a game-changer, turning server management from a complex task into a streamlined process. Here’s how it helps you manage and analyze your server activities effectively:

  • Centralized Control and Visibility: The Dashboard consolidates all essential information into one place, offering a comprehensive overview at a glance. No more jumping between channels and tabs—everything is organized and accessible.
  • Enhanced Event Management: With the Calendar Tab, scheduling and tracking events is a breeze. Plan gaming sessions or community meetings seamlessly, ensuring higher participation rates as members stay informed about upcoming events.
  • Efficient Communication Monitoring: The Text Channels Tab aggregates smaller versions of your text channels into one view. Monitor multiple discussions without switching tabs, staying on top of all conversations and quickly addressing any issues.
  • Real-Time Engagement Tracking: The Activity Tab provides real-time insights into member activities and engagement levels. Identify active members and understand interaction patterns to tailor content and events, fostering a vibrant environment.
  • Streamlined Moderation: The Moderation Tab centralizes rule enforcement, report handling, and disciplinary actions. Deal with issues promptly and fairly, maintaining a safe and respectful server environment.
  • Customization and Personalization: The Customization Tab allows you to tweak server icons and role permissions, personalizing your server to reflect your community’s unique vibe. This enhances the user experience and strengthens community identity.

No wonder, the Discord server dashboard is an amazing function to enhance the management of your Discord server. 

Next, we will be covering some simple steps that every server owner should take to increase the safety and security of their servers. But before that, we need to discuss one thing that will enhance your server in tracking down what’s working and what’s not working on your Discord server. 

Blaze provides a comprehensive analytics tool that can help you track real-time insights into your Discord server. 

Apart from this, we also provide you cross-platform marketing campaign analytics, that will help you track your marketing campaigns across different platforms. 

4 Steps to Enhance the Safety and Security of Your Discord Server

Keeping your Discord server safe is a top priority. Whether you're new to server management or a seasoned pro, these steps will help ensure your community remains secure and enjoyable.

Step 1. Set Up Roles and Permissions

Roles are the backbone of server management. They not only give members a cool color but also control their permissions. You can assign roles to grant administrative powers, like kicking or banning members and managing channels. 

However, be cautious with these permissions. Allowing too many members to make changes can lead to chaos. Carefully assign roles through the Roles section in Server Settings.

Step 2. Set a Verification Level

Verification levels are your first line of defense against spammers and raiders. These settings control who can send messages on your server. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • None: New members can chat immediately.
  • Low: Requires a verified email.
  • Medium: Email verification and a 5-minute-old account.
  • High: All previous requirements plus 10 minutes in the server.
  • Highest: Requires a verified phone number.

These verification levels on your Discord server come in handy to eliminate spam in your community. You can adjust these settings in the Safety Setup section of Server Settings. For most servers, the Medium or High level is a good balance between accessibility and security.

Step 3. Enable Server-Wide 2FA

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a must for admins and moderators. Enabling server-wide 2FA means that anyone with administrative permissions must have 2FA enabled on their accounts. 
  • This adds an extra layer of security, protecting your server from malicious attacks. Remember, you need to have 2FA on your account before you can enable this feature. Find this option in the Safety Setup section of your Server Settings.

Step 4. Explicit Image Filter

  • Keep your server clean with the explicit image filter. This feature blocks messages containing explicit images in channels not marked as age-restricted. 
  • You can apply this filter to all members or just those without roles. It's a simple yet effective way to maintain a safe environment. Access this setting under Moderation in the Safety Setup section of Server Settings.

So now, you have ensured that your Discord server is safe and secure from any potential threats on the internet. Now, we will dive into how you can effectively manage your Discord server. 

How to effectively Manage Discord Server Members?

Effectively managing server members is crucial for maintaining a vibrant and positive community. Here’s an overview of the tools and strategies to help you succeed: 

Discord provides a robust set of tools to manage your server members efficiently. These tools include:

  • Roles and Permissions: Assign different roles to members to control what they can and cannot do.
  • Member List: View and manage the list of all server members.
  • Audit Log: Keep track of changes made by members with administrative permissions.
  • Ban/Kick Options: Remove disruptive members swiftly to maintain order.

These tools are accessible through your Server Settings, ensuring you have the control you need at your fingertips.

Strategies for Effective Member Role Assignments

Assigning roles effectively can make or break your server’s harmony. This is one of the major strategies and tips to boost your community engagement on Discord. But how to strategically assign roles to the members? Here are some things you can do: 

  • Define Clear Roles: Create roles that align with your server’s needs, such as Admin, Moderator, and Member.
  • Use Descriptive Names: Make role names clear and descriptive to avoid confusion.
  • Set Appropriate Permissions: Carefully assign permissions based on the role’s responsibilities. Admins might need full control, while Members should have basic permissions.
  • Regularly Review Roles: Periodically check and update roles to ensure they still meet the server’s needs.

By assigning roles thoughtfully, you can streamline server management and enhance the user experience.

Handling Server Moderation Tasks to Maintain a Positive Environment

Moderation is key to a thriving server. Here are some tips to maintain a positive environment:

  • Set Clear Rules: Establish and communicate clear rules for behavior in your server.
  • Active Moderation: Ensure moderators are active and visible. This deters potential troublemakers.
  • Prompt Action: Address issues quickly to prevent escalation. Use the Ban/Kick options as necessary.
  • Encourage Reporting: Create a safe space for members to report inappropriate behavior.

In summary, managing server members effectively requires the right tools and strategies. By utilizing Discord’s management features, assigning roles thoughtfully, and maintaining active moderation, you can foster a positive and engaging community.

When you are hosting and running a large online community, it is normal that you will be facing some common issues on your server. The next section will address how to fix those issues. 

Troubleshooting Common Discord Server Issues: Technical Fixes and Community Management Tips

Running a Discord server smoothly involves tackling both technical hiccups and community challenges. Here’s how to troubleshoot common server issues effectively.

Identifying and Resolving Common Technical Problems

Technical problems can disrupt your server’s flow, but most issues have straightforward fixes. Here are some common issues and their solutions:

  • Connection Issues: If members experience connectivity problems, ensure your server is online and check Discord’s status page for outages. Encourage users to update their Discord app and restart their devices.
  • Bot Malfunctions: If a bot isn’t working correctly, check its permissions and ensure it’s properly integrated. Sometimes, simply re-inviting the bot can resolve the issue.
  • Voice Channel Problems: If users have trouble joining or hearing in voice channels, check their roles and permissions. Ensure their microphones and headsets are properly connected and configured.

Handling Community Conflicts and Moderation Challenges

Community conflicts can arise in any server, but effective moderation can keep issues in check. Here’s how to handle them:

  • Set Clear Guidelines: Establish and enforce clear rules for behavior. Display these prominently so all members are aware.
  • Active Moderation: Ensure moderators are present and proactive. They should address issues promptly to prevent escalation.
  • Conflict Resolution: Encourage open communication and mediation. Sometimes, private discussions can resolve conflicts better than public debates.

Best Practices for Maintaining a Secure and Welcoming Server Environment

A secure and welcoming environment is key to a thriving server. Follow these best practices:

  • Regular Updates: Keep your server software and bots updated to protect against vulnerabilities.
  • Role Management: Carefully manage roles and permissions to limit access to sensitive areas.
  • Engagement and Inclusion: Foster a sense of community by encouraging positive interactions and inclusive behavior.


In this blog, we explored how the Discord Server Dashboard can enhance your server management by providing a comprehensive overview of all activities in one place. 

We detailed the functionalities of various tabs in the Dashboard, such as the Overview, Calendar, and Moderation tabs, and how they can streamline server operations.

In essence, the key to a successful Discord server lies in leveraging the right tools, implementing robust security measures, and fostering a positive community atmosphere. With these insights, you are well-equipped to manage and grow your Discord server efficiently. 

Ready to take your Discord server management to the next level with Blaze? Imagine having all the essential data at your fingertips to make informed decisions and grow your community.

Start your free trial today and gain access to powerful analytics that provide the insights you need to enhance your server’s performance and engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Discord Server Dashboard?

A1: The Discord Server Dashboard is an innovative feature that provides a comprehensive overview of your server's activities. It consolidates key elements from all channels into a single, easily accessible interface, helping server admins manage and monitor their communities efficiently.

Q2. What are the different verification levels in Discord, and why are they important?

A2: Discord offers various verification levels to protect your server from spammers and raids. These levels range from None (no restrictions) to Highest (requires a verified phone number). Setting an appropriate verification level ensures that only trusted members can send messages, enhancing security.

Q3. How can the Calendar Tab in the Discord Server Dashboard help with event management?

A3: The Calendar Tab allows you to schedule and track upcoming server events, such as game nights or community meetings. It ensures higher participation rates by keeping members informed about event dates and details, making event management seamless.


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