Unlock new growth channels with social

Blaze is a social media management platform for modern companies and agencies that uses AI to give social media and content teams superpowers.

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Get inspiration from
top-performing templates

Get started by choosing from our content templates, which have been curated through analyzing millions of posts for the most engaging formats.

Source qualified leads from Twitter

Create unique lists of prospects through social signals such as who follows competitors or mentions certain keywords in their profiles or posts.

Craft compelling content with AI

Choose a tone of voice and topic area and generate highly engaging content optimized across social platforms, in one go.

Craft compelling messaging with AI

Easily personalize messaging and generate compelling social content using our AI templates.

Generate and post from one place

Once generated and edited, seamlessly post and schedule content from Blaze's social media calendar or Invite your team to collaborate.

Reach and convert new customers

Efficiently scale your outreach efforts by leveraging our DM, paid ad and social rewards campaign automations.