Conversagent provides automated assistance to enhance customer service and boost sales conversion rates.

Conversagent, an ingenious Shopify app crafted by Clevertar, emerges as a beacon of innovation aimed at revolutionizing customer service and supercharging sales conversion rates. By harnessing the formidable capabilities of AI, Conversagent empowers online stores to seamlessly integrate round-the-clock automated assistance, effectively ensuring that no sales opportunity goes unexplored.

Top Features:• Automated Customer Assistance• In-Context Answers• Cart Abandonment Mitigation• GPT-4 Powered Responses• Relevant Information Repository• Data Privacy• Conversation-Based Pricing• User-Friendly SetupYearly Pricing:• Free: $0/month• Starter: $19/month• Grow: $39/month• Pro: $99/monthFree Trial: Yes