Reaching out to Web3 Founders with X (Twitter) DMs

With 5%+ response rates, Twitter DMs powered by Blaze's leads and automation is a powerful way to connect with Web3 Founders

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X (Twitter) DMs are criminally underutilized as an outreach platform. As the social platform of choice for Web3, almost all founders and buidlers log in to the platform every day. Uncover conversations, partnerships and even sales pipeline by sliding into those DMs 😉

Identify the right audience

The first step to outreach would be to identify your ideal audiences. Through Blaze you can identify relevant and high potential leads suited to your goal.

The easy way

Use the segment creation filters for easy segments. Eg: "get Web3 founders in the Bay Area who have their DMs open"

Here's the full list of filters you can use

The powerful way

Or you can use the segment wizard to bring in a lot more powerful criteria. Here's an example of how you can find - "Web3 founders who are active on Polygon and are actively talking about the L2 ecosystem"

Full documentation for the segment wizard

Pick your goal and craft your message

Okay, you've identified your outreach audience. Now let's figure out what you're going to say to them.

Twitter DMs can be used to drive business critical goals ranging from driving sales to building a network of peers. Here are some goals that you could chase and a few sample messages that can open doors.

Goal 1 - Sales outreach

Unlike many other social platforms, X offers much more than just entertainment. Users are always on the lookout to learn and grow and therefore, reception to solutions/ ideas that can make life better tends to be high - making Twitter DMs a strong sales outreach channel


Hey {{first_name}},

Saw that you are also building in Web3! My project - {{product_name}} can help you monitor your product analytics, cutting costs by 5%+

Let’s work together?

Goal 2 - Collect feedback

Early feedback can make or break a product - a fact ever so familar to founders. Reach out for some early pointers and maybe it could even lead to a pilot

Hey {{first_name}},

I’m building to solve for multi-channel attribution in the Web3 space and figured you were a fellow builder too.

Would be super helpful if you can take a look and provide feedback on the product I’m building.

Can we grab 30, sometime?

Goal 3 - Network

Networking can be critical for founders because it fosters valuable connections that can lead to opportunities, knowledge exchange, and business growth.

Hey {{first_name}},

Saw that you are building in the Web3 space - and I’m a fellow builder too!

Would love to connect with you over a quick coffee chat to discuss the space and interests.

Goal 4 - Partnerships

It takes a village to grow a child. Find founders who share your vision and are on the lookout for partners and synergies's

Hey {{first_name}},

I came across your product and your work in the Web3 Marketing space. I’m the co-founder of {{company_name}} and we’re building in the Web3 attribution and analytics space. I think our mutual customers

Would love to connect with you over a quick coffee chat to talk through the potential of a partnership.

Here’s my calendar - {{calendly_link}}

💡 Keep in mind these pointers while you’re crafting a message:

  1. Keep the DM concise and short
  2. The messaging should be personal and respectful
  3. The primary CTA should start a conversation.
  4. Personalize DMs with relevant attributes

Reach out, in autopilot!

Now, you’re all set to start a outreach via a twitter DM campaign. Through Blaze, it’s a simple 2-step process to start a DM campaign

Step 1: Create a Message Template

  1. Head to Message Templates under the “Campaigns” section in the nav bar
  2. Click on the “New Message Template” Button
  3. Give your message template a name
  4. Enter the body of the message template and hit save

Step 2: Setup a DM Campaign

  1. Head to Message Campaigns under the “Campaigns” section in the nav bar
  2. Click on the “New Campaigns” Button
  3. Give your DM campaign a name
  4. Select a suitable message template that you have created
  5. Select a suitable segment (essentially the Web3 Founders segment) and hit save and run!

What to expect

A key success metric would be the response rate from the DM campaign

📈 5%+ response rate indicates a successful DM campaign

You can monitor the analytics of the campaign through Blaze’s Campaign page.

Try Blaze for free

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