Reaching out to Web3 events attendees with X (Twitter) DMs

With 5%+ response rates, Twitter DMs powered by Blaze's leads and automation is a powerful way to find and identify fellow event goers!

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Web3 conferences are networking hotspots hosting KOLs, founders, builders, and developers. These conferences are often buzzing topics on Twitter. Through social signals such as keywords, hashtags and account mentions, you can identify conference attendees on twitter.

Identify your audience

The first step to outreach would be to identify your ideal audiences. Through Blaze you can identify relevant and high potential leads suited to your goal.

General list of all the attendees

Use the audience wizard to create an list of attendees of a web3 conference. Example: "obtaining the list of attendees of token2049"

Full documentation for the segment wizard

Specific list of the conference attendees

Use the segment creation filters to create a list with specific identifiers such as location, role, etc. Example: "obtaining the list of attendees who are web3 founders from japan"

Here's the full list of filters you can use

Pick your goal and craft your message

While the content of the message gets you set for a win, the art and know-hows of crafting the message gives you the edge in making the win happen.

Here’s are a few DM message samples that can you help you with a sure shot win:

Goal 1 - KOL outreach

Web3 Conferences serve as a powerful platform for networking with KOLs in the space.

Hey {{first_name}},

Saw that you were attending {{event_name}} too!

I’m building to solve for multi-channel attribution in the Web3 space and figured that it would be super helpful to catchup with you in person to get feedback and discuss about the product potential and growth opportunities.

Looking forward and would love to catchup soon!

Talk soon!


Goal 2 - Networking

Networking needs to be intentional. Find other event-goers and block time in advance to exchange notes.

Hey {{first_name}},

Saw that you were attending {{event_name}} and that you are building in the Web3 space - and I’m a fellow builder too!

Would love to connect with you in person over a quick coffee chat to discuss the space and interests.

Here’s my calendar - {{calendly_link}}

Looking forward,


Goal 3 - Hiring

Events could be the solution to all your hiring woes.

gm {{first_name}},

Saw that you were attending token2049 and that you are a developer!

I'm looking for developers to join on a project I'm building and would love to meet you irl over a quick coffee to discuss the space and your interests. Would you be interested?

Here’s my calendar - {{calendly_link}}



💡 Keep in mind these pointers while you’re crafting a message:

  • Keep the DM concise
  • Personalizing the DM gets you a better conversion rate
  • Follow-ups are key as well
  • Web3 words/catch-phrases
  • Add CTAs that prompt a reply over a link click

Reach out, in autopilot!

Now, you’re all set to start a outreach via a twitter DM campaign. Through Blaze, it’s a simple 2-step process to start a DM campaign

Step 1: Create a Message Template

  1. Head to Message Templates under the “Campaigns” section in the nav bar
  2. Click on the “New Message Template” Button
  3. Give your message template a name
  4. Enter the body of the message template and hit save

Step 2: Setup a DM Campaign

  1. Head to Message Campaigns under the “Campaigns” section in the nav bar
  2. Click on the “New Campaigns” Button
  3. Give your DM campaign a name
  4. Select a suitable message template that you have created
  5. Select a suitable segment (essentially the Web3 Founders segment) and hit save and run!

What to expect

A key success metric would be the response rate from the DM campaign

📈 5%+ response rate indicates a successful DM campaign

You can monitor the analytics of the campaign through Blaze’s Campaign page.

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