Reaching out to Web3 Airdop/Token launch participants with X (Twitter) DMs

With 5.5%+ response rates, Twitter DMs powered by Blaze's leads and automation is a powerful way to connect with early audience, investors and web3 KOLs for Airdrops/Token launch.

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Participants in airdrops and token launches are crucial in the Web3 ecosystem as they provide the initial momentum and adoption of the chain. These users actively consume, interact with, and share content on X (formerly Twitter). With our 150M+ web3 taged twitter profiles you can get connect with your audience.  Here's how to use X DMs to effectively communicate with your audience.

Identify your audience

Start by first identifying your target audience and their behavior. Through Blaze you can identify relevant and high potential leads suited to your goal.

The easy way

Build a curated list of web3 Airdrop/Token launch participants with Blaze's curated segmented and Audience Builder tool. You can filter the list based on wallet portfolio value, engagement, and activity level on prominent chains. For instance: "create a list of web3 users active on arbitrum with interest in DeFi”

Here's the full list of filters you can use

Powerful way

Blazes audience wizard provides a specific list quickly and easy. Example: "obtaining a list of web3 gamers/streamers who follow Polygon and hold a $Polygon Portfolio”

Full documentation for the segment wizard

Pick your goal and craft your message

The main objective here is to draw in more viewers, thus having the skill and knowledge to develop a compelling message offers you an advantage over others. Decide who your target audience is, break them up into smaller groups, then create customized direct message content for each group.

Here’s are a few DM message samples that can guarantee a sure shot win:

GOAL-1: Build an Early Adopter Community

Identify and engage early adopters in the Web3 space. These enthusiasts are keen to explore innovative projects and provide valuable feedback. Here's how you can attract them:

Hey <Name> 👋

Saw you might be interested in <Interest area>. We built <your platform name>, <Describe your platform>. (for example - a digital marketplace allowing on-chain capital to invest in insurance as a liquid asset class.)

Curious to learn how to <mention impact or rewards>? Feel free to explore and let me know what you think!

GOAL-2: Engage Web3 Influencers and KOLs

Partnering with gaming KOLs amplifies your product's reach and credibility. Don't miss this game-changing opportunity to establish a robust presence in Web3.


I am building <Your Protocol> & we'll be dropping <Your Token Name> token on <Date>.

It’s the hottest <industry> ICO of 2024 and we’ve already partnered with the biggest launchpads in the space, such as <Mention Launchpads>, and collaborated with over <# of KOLs>. It will be hard to get in, but we are organizing a private round for <mention your exclusive Group>.

Would you be interested in learning more?⚡

NOTE: Keep in mind these pointers while you’re crafting a message:

  • Keep the DM concise
  • Personalizing the DM gets you a better conversion rate
  • Follow-ups are key as well
  • Web3 words/catch-phrases
  • Add CTAs that prompt a reply over a link click

Reach out, in autopilot!

Now, you’re all set to start a outreach via a twitter DM campaign. Through Blaze, it’s a simple 2-step process to start a DM campaign

Step 1: Create a Message Template

  1. Head to Message Templates under the “Campaigns” section in the nav bar
  2. Click on the “New Message Template” Button
  3. Give your message template a name
  4. Enter the body of the message template and hit save

Step 2: Setup a DM Campaign

  1. Head to Message Campaigns under the “Campaigns” section in the nav bar
  2. Click on the “New Campaigns” Button
  3. Give your DM campaign a name
  4. Select a suitable message template that you have created
  5. Select a suitable segment (essentially the Web3 Founders segment) and hit save and run!

What to expect

A key success metric would be the response rate from the DM campaign

📈 5.5%+ response rate indicates a successful DM campaign

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