Networking with Web3 founders on LinkedIn (Blaze x Dripify)

With 6%+ response rates and 25%+ acceptance rate, the Blaze + Dripfiy networking playbook is the key to expanding your Web3 LinkedIn reach

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More than 5000 venture backed web3 projects have a strong footprint on LinkedIn, making the #1 professional social network a worthy investment for Web3 business development and simply for connecting with peers. Blaze's segment creation tool holds 80K+ LinkedIn profiles who are building in Web3 - founders, developers, marketers, we've got em all!

Build targeted lead lists using a wide variety of powerful attributes - including headcount growth, vertical tags and fundraise information. Once you have the perfect audience, network with them in auto-pilot using this playbook, powered by our favorite LinkedIn automation tool - Dripify 🤝

Identify your audience

The first step to outreach would be to identify your ideal audiences. Through Blaze you can identify relevant and high potential leads suited to your goal.

Here's how you can create a list of Web3 founders from fast growing companies (headcount growth > 5%). Once done, create a segment and export the csv

Here's the full list of filters you can use

Network, in autopilot!

1. Head over to your Dripify account (they offer a free trial and a very reasonable $39/seat/mo pricing)

2. Click on create new campaign

3. Add your Blaze audience with a csv import

4. Create the campaign workflow - use a Dripify template or you can use our fan favorite

5. Craft the perfect message for each message block - here're samples you could plug into the above campaign workflow 👆🏻

a. Send an invite message -

"Hey %%first_name%% - A founder building in the <Category> space here 👋🏻 Would love to connect, exchange notes and if possible get some feedback on our product 😇

Our team hails from <team background> and are backed by <investor background>"

b. Message 2 -

"Awesome! Thanks for connecting.

Can we grab some time to talk about <your company name>? Would love to get your feedback on what we are building

The TLDR: <context about company>

My calendar - <link>"

c. Message 3

"Circling back in case you missed my message.

Insights on how you <undertake key workflows> would make a world of difference for me and the team."

d. Message 4

"We could also exchange some best practices from the industry, We've been lucky to work with some great partners - {customer 1}, {customer 2} and more. If you're game -<calendly_link>"

e. Message 5

"Realizing that this is probably not a good time - can relate 😬

Do let me know if some free time opens up - always excited for a chat"

6. Share additional campaign settings and go live!

Success metrics - what to expect

A key success metric would be the reply rates and LinkedIn acceptance rates from the campaign

📈 5-7%+ response rate and 25%+ acceptance rates indicate a successful DM campaign

You can monitor the analytics of the campaign through Dripify's Campaign page.

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