Managing your social media calendar with Blaze

Using Blaze’s social management tools to manage and monitor socials.

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Managing multiple social media accounts and keeping them fresh with new content is often challenging for a social media manager. Using a social media calendar can help you in various strategic aspects eliminating the difficulties of managing content, such as:

  1. Sustainable posting schedule and presence
  2. Saves time across the team
  3. Helps pre-plan and strategize content resonating with the brand
  4. Allows cross-team collaboration, streamlining access and permissions

Step-by-step breakdown of creating a twitter calendar

Step 1: Conduct a social media audit

Using the Twitter Analytics tool kit, understand the current key performance indicators such as follower growth, engagement rate and impression count. Identify key indicators and set achievable goals for your content.

Overview of KPIs

Monitor social growth metrics such as follower count, cumulative follower count, impression count, and average impression count of days.

  • Summary
  • Daily Cumulative Follower Count
  • Daily Follower Changes
  • Daily Impression Count
  • Average Impression Count of Days in a Week
Content Wise KPIs

Understand key metrics based on the type of content (Tweet, Quote, Retweet, Reply)

  • Count of the Content
  • Impressions Content
Top tweets

Through this dashboard, you can identify the top performing tweet based on metrics such as Engagement Rate, Engagement, Impressions, Likes, Replies, Retweets and Quotes)

Step 2: Content planning

Using the social listening tool powered by Blaze you can identify the number of posts made with a particular tracked hashtag, keyword, or account mention. You can identify the most engaging posts and influential accounts that are trending and have high traction through this tool.

Track keywords, competitor mentions and themes to build a solid content strategy for your twitter handle.

Step 3: Set up the calendar

  • Identify the best days and time to post content.
  • Through Blaze’s social management tools, you can create and schedule twitter posts. Refer to this detailed documentation for step-wise details on how to create and schedule posts.
  • These are the three ways through which you can create and schedule posts on Blaze:
Using pre-existing templates

Blaze powered templates comprise various use cases such as product launch, ads, testimonials, etc.,

Generate using AI

This feature enables AI generation of tweet content by selecting a suitable use-case, topic and tone. Hyper-personalize this further through additional instructions.

Post your own content

Upload custom content through the platform and automate your calendar. Here’s a checklist for you to keep in hand while uploading content :

  • Content copy including hashtags and links
  • Account mentions (if any)
  • Media (GIFs, images, video, etc.)

Step 4: Go live and Track performance!

Use the analytics tools powered by Blaze to effortlessly track your events' reach, engagement, and follow-up activities. Use this insight to refine your networking strategy, ensuring every social engagement is a success.

Blaze is your partner in curating a dynamic, impactful social calendar.


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