"Blaze has made me and my marketing team look good. Nine times out of ten, our biweekly marketing office hours presentations involve me opening up Blaze and showcasing the leads and data tabulations we get using this tool. This data has directly informed and contributed to strategy for user acquisition, correlating onchain and offchain data such as Twitter. Without Blaze, these insights would have been impossible for me to do because I don't have the time"
HPayne, Head of Marketing

Challenges & Results

With Blaze's lead generation tools, Shapeshift uncovered new leads, experienced 5x higher response rates and reduced CAC by 50%

No efficient way to identify and acquire new users

Blaze's audience builder unlocks efficient targeting, reducing CAC by 50%

Poor response rates to outreach campaigns

Automated Twitter DM campaigns with 8% response rates

Marketing bandwidth limited with a lean team

Social media automation to the rescue