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Jul 13, 2023

What Are The Best Discord Emojis? Top Emojis for Every Discord User

Discover our top picks for the funniest, cutest, and most popular Discord emojis to use on your server.

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Credits: Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/photos/CUCGsuAyufc)

With the help of the well-liked chat app Discord, users can communicate with one another via text, audio, and video chat. The wide range of emojis available in Discord is one of its distinguishing qualities. These emojis are a fantastic method to convey feelings and sentiments, as well as to spice up your talks with a little fun.

Choosing the right emojis for your requirements might be difficult. With so many of them accessible on Discord, users might be confused about the right choice. In this article, we'll discuss the top Discord emojis that will make your server stand out.

How Discord Emojis Work

Discord emojis work just like other types of emojis used in chatting apps. The user can simply select an emoji from the library and put it into their message. This spices up texts and makes them easily understandable.

Every user on discord can add funny and cute emojis, at no extra cost. Besides, this app also lets users create and upload custom emojis as well.

Emojis available on Discord come in many shapes and types, including static, animated, and custom emojis.

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Best Discord Emojis for Every User

Most Popular Discord Emojis

  • Face with Tears of Joy.
  • Red Heart.
  • Thinking Face.
  • Woman Shrugging.
  • Smiling Face with Hearts.

Discord Emojis For Funny Texts

  • Rolling on the Floor Laughing.
  • Zany Face.
  • Exploding Head.
  • Woozy Face.
  • Clown Face.

Discord Emojis For Cute Messages

  • Cat Face.
  • Dog Face.
  • Unicorn Face.
  • Panda Face.
  • Bear Face.

Animated Discord Emojis For The Dramatic Users

  • Heart Eyes.
  • Winking Face with Tongue.
  • Squinting Face with Tongue.
  • Sleeping Face.
  • Face with Medical Mask.

How to Use Discord Emojis?

Using Discord emojis is easy. Simply, add them to your texts at the end or the beginning of a sentence to set the mood. However, the placement depends on the user.

Basic Usage of Discord Emojis:

The easiest way to use emojis on Discord is to type the emoji code. For example, if you want to use the "laughing face" emoji, you can type ":joy:" and the emoji appears in your message.

Discord automatically converts the code to the corresponding emoji, and you can see the emoji in your message before sending it.

Other Usage of Discord Emojis:

Discord also has advanced ways to use emojis. Like adding emojis to server names, channel names, and nicknames.

Emojis may be used by users to make their server or channel names more attractive and attention-grabbing. They may also add emojis to their nicknames, which might give their profile a more unique touch.

Users may simply copy and paste the emoji code into the necessary spot to access advanced capabilities, and the emoji will be displayed.


  1. How many emojis can I use on Discord?
    Discord allows users to use up to 50 emojis per server. But, this limit can be increased by buying a Discord Nitro subscription. Nitro subscribers can use up to 100 emojis per server, and they also have access to more animated and custom emojis.
  2. Can I create custom emojis on Discord?
    Yes, you can create custom emojis easily on Discord. All you need is access to the "Manage Emojis" settings on your server. Once you have this permission, upload images to use as emojis. The image must be a square with a minimum size of 128x128 pixels, and you can use both static or animated images.
  3. How do I add custom emojis to my server?
    To add custom emojis to your server, navigate to the server settings and then to the "Emoji" tab. From there, upload your custom emojis by clicking the "Upload Emoji" button. After you upload your custom emoji, it will be available to use on your server.
  4. How do I use animated emojis on Discord?
    You can use animated emojis on Discord the way you use static emojis. The process is completely the same. Just type the emoji code in your message to use animated emojis.
  5. For example, to use the "laughing face" emoji, type ":joy:" and the animated emoji will appear in your message. Discord will automatically convert the code to the corresponding animated emoji, and you can see the animation in your message before sending it.
  6. How do I use emojis in Discord nicknames?
    You can use emojis in your Discord nickname only if you have access to "Change Nickname" permission on your server. If you have this access, just type the emoji code within the nickname. For example, to add a heart emoji to your nickname, just type "YourName <:". A heart emoji will then appear next to the nickname.

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