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Aug 5, 2023

Tweeting for the Future: The Vision and Strategy of Elon Musk for Twitter

Explore Elon Musk's vision and strategy for Twitter.

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The vision and strategy of Elon Musk for Twitter. Image Credits: Adobe Stoc

Twitter, now known as X, is a powerful platform for communication, innovation, and shaping the future. It is widely used by world leaders, celebrities, and everyday individuals to share news, express opinions, and connect with others.

In 2022, Elon Musk made a remarkable move by acquiring Twitter for a staggering $44 billion. Musk, a visionary entrepreneur with successful ventures like Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink, has a massive following on Twitter, exceeding 80 million followers.

Musk's ambitious plans for Twitter involve making the platform more open and free, serving as a catalyst for innovation and change. Additionally, he aims to enhance Twitter's profitability.

Changes Made by Musk to Twitter's Strategy and Operations

Let's explore some significant announcements and policy updates Elon and his team implemented:

1. Twitter Rebranding to X

Recently, the app formerly known as Twitter underwent a rebranding, adopting the name X. The transformation is evident in the title and the company's headquarters, where a flashing X has replaced the bird logo. The new app now appears as "X" in app stores.

This rebranding signifies Twitter's transition from a platform primarily for short messages to an app that can accommodate diverse content, becoming an “everything app” including extended videos and comprehensive communications, with potential plans for conducting financial transactions.

2. Paid Verification

On the platform, accounts of public interest are marked with a blue tick to confirm their authenticity. Musk hinted at charging users for this verification privilege. Over 230 million daily tweeters exist, and approximately 420,000 possess the blue tick. As part of overhauling the premium service Twitter Blue, Musk indicated that verification would cost $8 per month, signaling a shift in the platform's approach to validation.

3. Content Moderation Plans

To ensure fair content moderation, Musk announced the formation of a content moderation council. The process overseeing account reinstatements will also be revised in the coming weeks. Twitter faced challenges with coordinated trolling attacks after the takeover, which aimed to present the platform as a hate speech free-for-all. The platform was inundated with hateful content from 300 accounts, resulting in the need for improved moderation mechanisms.

Elon Musk also unveiled plans to utilize AI to detect manipulation of public opinion.

4. Account Reinstatements

Musk conducted a poll among users, seeking their input on reinstating the profiles of previously banned users. As a result, Twitter reinstated around 60,000 accounts, aiming to start anew with a clean slate. These reinstated profiles must still adhere to platform rules, but some past offenders have been given a second chance to use the platform.

5. Different Tiers

Musk contemplated dividing Twitter into different content strands, allowing users to select the version of Twitter they prefer. He supported a user's suggestion to introduce video game-style modes, including a "player versus player" version, where verified accounts could engage in Twitter spats. Users could assign ratings to their posts, which would then be subject to "user feedback," adopting a Wikipedia-style approach to moderation.

6. No Doxxing

In response to a concerning incident where his young son faced a stalker, Elon Musk announced a significant policy shift. Twitter will remove tweets that share an individual's live location, as it poses an increased risk of physical harm. Accounts dedicated to sharing someone else's live location will be suspended. This move aims to protect individuals from potential harm associated with sharing live location information.

How Elon Musk Uses Twitter

How Elon Musk Uses Twitter. Image Credits: Adobe Stock

Elon Musk has been an active presence on Twitter for many years. The billionaire entrepreneur uses his account to discuss various topics, from addressing personal issues to discussing politics, investment markets, business ventures, and even sharing random thoughts.

Twitter as a Medium for Innovation

Elon Musk has utilized Twitter to make significant company announcements and updates. He announced the launch of Tesla's Model 3 on the platform. Additionally, he challenged SpaceX engineers to develop innovative ways to land rockets, creating the Falcon 9's "reusable rocket" technology, which has brought substantial cost savings.

Twitter's potential for innovation lies in its ability to connect people worldwide and facilitate idea-sharing and collaboration. Musk's utilization of Twitter showcases the platform's power to drive innovation, and he is likely to continue promoting innovation through the platform in the future.

Potential Opportunities and Challenges for Twitter Under Musk's Leadership

Elon Musk's leadership of Twitter presents both potential opportunities and challenges:


  • Under Musk's leadership, Twitter could become more open and free, aligning with his vision for "free speech." This shift may lead to a more diverse and inclusive online community.
  • Musk's innovative background could drive Twitter to explore new ideas and features, fostering platform growth and improvement.
  • Twitter's profitability may increase under Musk's leadership, as his business acumen may lead to effective monetization strategies.


  • The platform may face challenges in curbing abuse and manipulation if Musk's plans for addressing these issues lack clarity and effectiveness.
  • Controversial decisions or statements from Musk could lead to user attrition, harming Twitter's reputation and growth.


Elon Musk's visionary entrepreneurship and passion for innovation are poised to leave a major impact on the future of social media, specifically on Twitter, now known as X. While his plans aim to enhance openness, free speech, and innovation on the platform, the ultimate outcomes remain uncertain. Musk's influence has the potential to shape Twitter into a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative online community, but it may also present challenges related to division, abuse, and user retention.

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