Jun 8, 2023

Top 10 Twitter libraries

Twitter libraries make it easier for developers to access tweets. Read to know the top 10 libraries used by Twitter developers.

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Twitter developers use Twitter libraries to access tweets and data associated with tweets, such as engagement metrics. content. Some libraries are more popular than others because of their functionality. The GitHub stars for the libraries show the popularity and adoption of Twitter libraries.

Here are the top 10 Twitter libraries utilized by Twitter developers based on GitHub stars:

1. Twitter-text

GitHub stars: 2.8K

The repository contains libraries and conformance tests for standardizing Tweet text parsing. It focuses on Twitter text implementation and specifications. These libraries link and identify URLs, #hashtag, @username, and $cashtag within Twitter. They also calculate the characters in a tweet.

2. Twurl

GitHub stars: 1.7K

This is a Twitter API-specific extension. Client programs have access tokens for specific users that help to sign all requests from that user. To switch between Twitter accounts and client programs, maintain multiple access tokens and create aliases.

3.Twitter API V2 Sample Code

GitHub stars: 1.6K GitHub

This library represents Twitter API V2 endpoints by a sample code. The API features are organized into folders. Developers can use them to learn coding in languages like Java, Python, R, Node.JS, and Ruby.

4. Search Tweets Python

GitHub stars: 687

This is a Python library and command-line utility. It wraps the Twitter enterprise and premium search APIs. The Python client initially supported the endpoint's search tweets and count tweets. All endpoints now support API V2.

5. Twitter API TypeScript SDK

GitHub stars: 573

This is a trustworthy TypeScript SDK for Twitter API. It supports Twitter API V2 only. Even though the library is developed for TypeScript developers, it can also help JavaScript developers.

6. LinqToTwitter

GitHub stars: 475

It's a LINQ provider for Twitter API. It's an open-source library that uses LINQ syntax and method calls. Using NuGet, you can also automatically install LINQToTwitter into your projects.  

7. Postman Twitter API

GitHub stars: 127

This Postman collection contains endpoints for many Twitter API V2 functions. You can build up variables in its pre-configured environment to handle several requests.

8. Autohook

GitHub stars: 127

Use this module to configure and deliver Twitter Account Activity API webhooks automatically. It needs no setting and is ready for use immediately.

9. Python-Twitter

GitHub stars: 98

This is the Twitter API wrapped in Python. Supported Python versions include 2.7 and 3. Python programmers can quickly access Twitter's Web Services API using this library.

10. Twitter API Java SDK

GitHub stars: 2.8K

This is a simple Java SDK for the Twitter API. This Java client library is in beta. It is yet to be released for use in production.


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