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Jun 10, 2023

Telegram For Business: Leveraging TG For Marketing And Customer Support

Learn how to leverage Telegram for Business, create engaging content, build communities, and reach a wider audience. 

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Telegram For Business: Leveraging TG For Marketing And Customer Support

Social media has provided unprecedented access to a vast audience, enabling brands to reach potential customers on a global scale. The rise of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn has revolutionized how businesses promote their products and services. Amidst this ever-evolving digital ecosystem, the role of Telegram as a marketing tool cannot be underestimated. 

Telegram, a cloud-based instant messaging app, has emerged as a powerful ally for marketers. With over 700 million monthly active users, this platform is among the 10 most downloaded apps worldwide across Android and iOS. It attracts privacy-conscious users that seek a more confidential alternative to mainstream messaging platforms. 

Telegram is a suitable platform for businesses seeking a messaging app that supports real-time interaction, a vast user base across countries, and automation of marketing processes. Brands can find answers to some important questions when exploring Telegram for business:

  • Can the platform support captivating marketing campaigns that resonate with the target market?
  • How can it help provide unparalleled customer support that leaves a lasting impression?
  • Can it foster a vibrant community to promote brand loyalty and gain invaluable feedback?
  • Can it engage customers with multimedia messages, interactive polls, and quizzes?

Let’s dive into the Telegram marketing landscape and learn how to leverage its various features to increase brand awareness and foster customer loyalty. 

How to Create a Professional Account on Telegram?

You can create a professional account with these four steps. 

  1. Download the Telegram app 
  2. Open it and click on Start Messaging 
  3. Enter your country and phone number 
  4. You will receive a verification code. Enter it and fill in other details related to your profile.

Note that the process to create a business account is the same as for individual accounts. Telegram for business allows you to add a profile picture and description that best matches your brand’s objective. When you want to connect with your target audience on the platform, create your business channel, bot, or group.

A Business Channel on Telegram 

Telegram groups are similar to Whatsapp and Facebook groups, where members can engage in discussions, share messages, media files, and participate in audio or video calls. Unlike other platforms, Telegram accommodates a maximum of 200,000 members in a group. 

On the other hand, a channel is designed for broadcasting messages to a large number of subscribers. They allow only one-way communication from the channel admin to the subscribers. Businesses can create a public channel to promote their products. 

Here are the steps to create and optimize a Telegram for the business channel. 

  1. On the app home screen, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left corner.
  2. Select New Channel
  3. Enter a unique and descriptive name for your channel. Choose whether to set the channel to Public or Private based on your desired visibility and accessibility. 
  4. Customize the channel by adding a Description and profile picture as per your business needs.   
  5. Share your channel link on different social platforms to allow people to subscribe.
  6. Start posting relevant content. 

Here’s how an optimized business channel looks. 

Similarly, you can create a business group to allow two-way communication for Telegram marketing

Best Practices - Engaging Content and Targeted Messaging for Lasting Connections

Brands that use any social media platform, including Telegram for Business, for their marketing campaigns should post engaging and informative content regularly to retain their customers. Beyond promotional messages, such content should offer valuable knowledge, industry updates, and expert insights to the subscribers.    

Broadcast Messaging

Another important aspect of Telegram marketing is its broadcast feature. Using a business channel, brands can send targeted messages and announcements directly to their audience. You can tailor content to specific user segments, delivering personalized information that resonates with their interests. Posting blogs, how-to guides, and educational resources through channels can position your business as a trusted source of information in the industry. 

Telegram Bots

Telegram for business also involves customer support, and brands can set up a bot for this purpose. You can create a new bot using BotFather. Search for the term in the app, follow the prompts, and provide the necessary details. You will then need a bot development platform to create the desired functionalities for customer support. 

This image gives you an idea of how a bot operates and guides users with their queries:


Here’s how bots help in Telegram marketing:

  • Provide immediate responses to customer queries
  • Operate round the clock
  • Can be programmed to handle FAQs and address common issues 
  • Guide customers through the troubleshooting steps 
  • Gather feedback from users
  • Gather data and offer insights on customer interactions, issues, and support performance.  

Integrating Helpdesk Tools

You can enhance customer support capabilities by integrating Telegram with helpdesk tools. Select a compatible helpdesk tool like Zendesk or Freshdesk and create a Telegram bot. Retrieve API credentials from your helpdesk tool and configure the integration. Enable ticket creation and notifications, customize automated responses, and train your support team for effective Telegram marketing.

Final Thoughts

Telegram for business is a must-have tool in any digital marketing arsenal. With its powerful features, businesses can effectively leverage Telegram marketing strategies to reach their target audience. Companies can deliver targeted messages and announcements by utilizing channels and groups while positioning themselves as industry authorities.

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