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Jun 10, 2023

Telegram Bots 101: Exploring Automation

Read this step-by-step guide on boosting community engagement through Telegram bots

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Telegram Bots 101: Exploring Automation

Are you among thousands of new-age businesses using Telegram for marketing and community building? From merely being an instant messaging app positioned as a more robust alternative to Whatsapp, it has evolved into a full-fledged marketing tool. Be it building your own community, securing partnerships, or announcing key developments, you can do it all with it. However, community building could be exhaustive with a flurry of tasks to be managed by a single community manager. Thankfully, we have bots to automate these tasks and simplify community management.

Just like other popular community management platforms such as Discord, Telegram also allows the use of third-party bots. They offer enhanced functionality and can handle repetitive and mundane tasks on your behalf, eliminating the need to perform them manually. Before utilizing a bot on Telegram, you need to add it to your account, as each one of them has a unique handle. Once added, you can interact with them in the chat window and provide them with instructions to carry out specific tasks.

These bots help you organize your day by decluttering your tasks through automation. They enable Telegram automation to ensure round-the-clock community management. Thus, pre-decided prompts take over when you are not around, keeping your community members hooked. You can use them to build social services, accept payments, customize your content, and much more. Automating tasks also helps you enhance user experience and engage your community better.

Understanding the benefits of using bots for community management and engagement

There are several ways bots improve community management:

  • Better user interaction: Brands have to deal with a different set of audiences. Responding to all of them individually might not be possible. Telegram bots generate automated responses and provide users with a knowledge base for improved interaction.
  • Better engagement: They help you generate specialized marketing campaigns to boost engagement and promote your Web3 brand in a better way.
  • Generate leads: They replace traditional lengthy forms by engaging in two-way communication with the target audience, thereby enhancing the chances of lead generation through meaningful discussions.

Exploring different types of Telegram bots

Here are some of the most useful Telegram bots you can use for better community engagement:

ComBot: It removes unwanted messages, filters spam content, and shares reports to help you improve community engagement.

Dr.Web Bot: Once you build a community, protecting it from scams and harmful links is your job. Dr.Web Bot, an antivirus bot, scans all files and links for viruses and hidden links.

Skeddy Bot: It understands voice instructions and helps you create reminders to keep track of community-building tasks.

Game Bot: It allows you to play fun games with your friends and community members on Telegram. It is again a great community-building exercise. You can choose from 3 available games to play.

Setting up and configuring a Telegram bot for your channel or group

While there are tons of bots, you need to understand the process of configuring them before identifying the necessary ones for your channel. To create a bot, you need to contact BotFather first. It is a master bot used to create other bots.

You must have a name and a username for your bot. Next, you need to hire a coder to code the logic for it. You also need to register with FlowXO to connect your bot to it. Once connected, you can test it and use it for various mundane tasks.

Leveraging bot commands and inline queries for seamless interaction with users

Telegram bots have a set of commands that you can use to interact with them in private, or in a group. A telegram command always starts with a '/'. The symbol instructs the bot about the particular command. You can use these commands to specify a new rule, start a contest, etc. Here are a few examples of Telegram commands:

  • /cancel
  • /newrule
  • /next

Inline queries are commands that users can use to interact with the bots directly in the chat. The symbol '/' is a prerequisite for using any inline command or query on the platform. These commands are usually coded in Python language. You need to hire a programmer to program the necessary commands for seamless integration.

Implementing bot features on Telegram

Bots automate mundane tasks and boost engagement by eliminating deadlocks. However, you must know how to implement automated replies, reminders, etc. using bots to make the most of them. At the time of getting your bots coded, you should ask the developer to program it for the following:

  • Automated welcome message for new joiners
  • Automated response to general queries
  • Regular reminders of tasks/contests, and much more.

Integrating third-party services and APIs to extend bot functionality

Integrating third-party services with your bots means providing multiple services under one roof. Telegram offers two kinds of APIs to developers: The Bot API, which helps you create programs using messages as the interface, and the Telegram API and TDLib, which helps you build your own customized clients.

API integration turns your Telegram into a marketing tool that you can use to maximize engagement and increase leads significantly.

Final Word

Modern brands, especially those in the Web3 space, use Telegram aggressively to build and grow their community. With every other brand doing so, you can use bots to outperform others and gain a competitive edge. However, managing a vast community manually could be tiring. That's where we come in! Blaze helps you optimize your marketing efforts and manage everything under one roof.


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