Jun 10, 2023

Secure Messaging on Telegram: Privacy Features and Best Practices

Explore Telegram's privacy features to unleash its full potential for secure messaging while prioritizing safety.

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Secure Messaging on Telegram: Privacy Features and Best Practices

In an era of growing privacy and data security concerns, Telegram has emerged as a popular messaging platform that prioritizes user privacy. It offers robust security features and safeguards user communications. The platform has gained a reputation as a reliable and secure option for confidential and private conversations.

Let’s explore Telegram's privacy-oriented features, end-to-end encryption protocol, and best practices for secure messaging.

End-to-end Encryption

At the core of Telegram privacy commitment is its implementation of end-to-end encryption. This cryptographic technique ensures that only the sender and the intended recipient can access the contents of a conversation. The messages are encrypted on the sender's device, transmitted in an encrypted form, and decrypted only on the recipient's device. Even Telegram's servers cannot access them in transit. Note that standard chats are not end-to-end encrypted; you need to use the Secret Chat feature. 

Telegram Privacy Features

With a focus on Telegram privacy, the platform offers diverse features that significantly bolster the security of user conversations.

Secret chats 

As mentioned earlier, Secret chats enable users to have end-to-end encrypted conversations. Here’s how to start a secret chat. 

  • Open the app 
  • Tap on New Message (pencil icon). 
  • Select New Secret Chat 
  • Find the contact to start the conversation

The image shows how the chat will begin:



Self-destructing messages 

When using Secret Chat, you can enable the Self-Destruct timer. Such messages are automatically deleted after a specific time period. This secure messaging feature is also available for media in default chats. Here’s how to set the timer:

  • Click on the header of the Secret chat window shown above. You will get the following window:


  • Turn on the Self-Destruct timer and select the time interval. It ranges from 1 second to 1 week. 

Device-specific encryption keys 

Each device has its encryption key, which protects messages exchanged on it. When a secure end-to-end connection is established through a secret chat, Telegram generates an image that visualizes the encryption key. The image is the same for both participants. You can view it by clicking on the option next to the Self-Desctruct timer.   


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Passcodes 

Telegram offers two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance secure messaging. By enabling 2FA, users must provide a second authentication factor, such as a unique verification code sent to their mobile device and their password. This helps prevent unauthorized access to user accounts even if the password is compromised.

Here are the steps to enable two-step verification for Telegram privacy:

  • Open the app and tap the menu icon at the top left. 
  • Select Settings and tap on Privacy and Security 
  • Tap on Two-Step Verification and set the desired password.  


You can also set passcodes to lock your app. This ensures that even if someone gains physical access to the device, they cannot open messages without a passcode. The Passcode Lock option is just above the Two-Step Verification option in the Privacy and Security settings. Enable it and set the desired passcode and auto-lock interval. 


Managing Telegram Privacy Settings

Telegram provides users with granular control over their privacy settings. Users can choose who can view their profile picture, online status, and last seen status. By navigating to the Privacy and Security settings, you can find several options to set the desired level of Telegram privacy.

You can set these to Everybody, My Contacts, or Nobody.

There are two additional lists - Always share with and Never share with. 

Best Practices for Secure Messaging on Telegram 

Follow these best practices to enhance Telegram privacy further.

  1. Set a strong password 

Choose a strong and unique password for your account. Consider using a password manager to store it securely. Regularly updating your password helps mitigate the risk of unauthorized access.

  1. Be careful with sensitive information

Avoid sharing confidential information in public chats, as they are not end-to-end encrypted. Public chats are accessible to anyone, and sharing personal details risks your privacy. Instead, utilize Secret Chats for secure messaging.

  1. Don’t fall for phishing attempts and suspicious links

Phishing attempts are a common tactic employed to gain illegal access to user accounts. Be cautious of suspicious links or messages. Avoid clicking on unfamiliar links, especially if they prompt you to enter your login credentials or other personal information. Additionally, refrain from sharing any verification codes with untrusted sources.

  1. Use Telegram's Report and Block Feature

Telegram provides reporting and blocking features to help users combat abusive content. If you come across any offensive message, you can report it for review. Further, you can block individuals engaging in harassment or unwanted communication. 

  1. Check for security updates 

Lastly, stay informed about security updates and new features. The platform regularly releases updates to address vulnerabilities and enhance user privacy. Keep your app updated to benefit from the latest security patches and improvements.

Final Thoughts

Secure messaging is essential for safeguarding privacy and protecting sensitive conversations. Users can ensure their communications remain confidential by exploring the Telegram privacy features and implementing best practices. The platform offers robust tools for maintaining privacy, from end-to-end encryption to self-destructing messages. Using these features effectively allows users to enjoy a secure messaging experience on Telegram.

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