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Jun 2, 2024

Most Followed Twitter Accounts of 2024

Discover the top 10 most followed Twitter accounts in 2024 with their handle and followers for monitoring their tweets.

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Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the Twitterverse of 2024? Let's uncover the tweet tales of the top Twitter celebrities, a world where popularity is measured in followers!

In today's digital age, Twitter remains a powerful platform for influencers, celebrities, and organizations to connect with millions worldwide. The number of followers on Twitter can significantly impact an individual's or a brand's popularity and reach. This blog's primary goal is to showcase the most followed Twitter accounts in 2024, providing insights into their follower counts and influence. We will also explore how to find the best Twitter accounts based on specific goals and the tools available to track and analyze these accounts.

Why Twitter Followers Matter?

Twitter followers are not mere numbers; they are a powerful global audience ready to engage with your content. A high follower count can enhance your credibility, boost your visibility, and open up better engagement opportunities. Influencers with the most followers often set trends, drive conversations, and shape public opinion. 

Let's dive into what makes those top accounts so significant.  

Significance Of Most Followed Twitter Accounts

Understanding the most followed accounts gives us a glimpse into current trends, famous personalities, and influential voices in various fields. These accounts often shape digital dialogues, making them essential for anyone interested in staying updated with global trends. 

Similarly, leveraging the influence of these accounts can be astoundingly effective for your community-building efforts. In the 'tokenized world ', a term used to describe the growing trend of digital assets and cryptocurrencies, platforms like Blaze can help you strategically engage with your audience, enhancing your digital presence and impact.

How To Find The Best Twitter Accounts?

What makes a Twitter account the best? The definition of the "best" Twitter account can vary depending on what you're looking for. For instance, if you're interested in tech news, the best accounts to follow would be those consistently sharing valuable insights and updates in the tech industry. Conversely, if you focus on entertainment, you might look for celebrities or entertainment news outlets with high engagement rates. Defining your search goals is crucial in identifying the most relevant and beneficial accounts to follow.

Finding the best Twitter accounts to follow can be challenging, given the vast number of users on the platform. However, specific tools and strategies can simplify this process, ensuring you follow accounts aligning with your interests and goals.

Audiense Connect

Audiense Connect is a powerful tool for discovering and analyzing Twitter users based on various criteria. Whether you're interested in influencers in a specific niche or looking for accounts with the highest engagement rates, Audiense Connect can help you find what you're looking for.

Searching Twitter Users with Audiense Connect

Step 1 - Sign up for Audiense Connect

To get started, sign up for Audiense Connect. The process is straightforward, and once registered, you'll have access to a range of powerful features designed to help you explore and analyze Twitter users.

Step 2 - Add a Twitter account

Link your Twitter account to Audiense Connect to unlock its full potential. This connection will allow you to dive deep into follower statistics and user behaviors.

Step 3 - Explore the dashboard

The main dashboard offers a wealth of information. Click on the followers' numbers to see detailed analytics. You can switch views to explore all Twitter users and utilize the search/filter sidebar to narrow your search based on specific criteria.

Changing the View to Explore All Twitter Users and Using the Search/Filter Sidebar

Audiense Connect also allows you to explore all Twitter users and use the search/filter sidebar to narrow your search based on specific criteria. For instance, you can search for influencers in a particular niche like 'technology' or 'fashion ', accounts with high engagement rates, or users with specific interests like 'music' or 'sports '. The search/filter sidebar makes it easy to find the best Twitter accounts for your needs. 

Other Similar Tools 

Apart from Audiense Connect, similar notable tools include Followerwonk, Hootsuite, and SocialRank. Each of these tools offers unique features that can help you identify and analyze influential Twitter accounts, making it easier to find the best accounts to follow based on your specific interests and goals. 

Let's now turn our focus to the Twitter titans ruling in 2024.

Top 10 Most Globally Followed Twitter Accounts in 2024 

In 2024, the most followed Twitter accounts include a diverse mix of politicians, entertainers, and athletes, each commanding a vast digital audience. These accounts reflect their individual popularity and signify their impact on global conversations and trends.

Rank Twitter Handle Followers (Millions) Country Profession
1 @elonmusk 176.4 United States Businessman
2 @BarackObama 131.9 United States 44th President of the US
3 @justinbieber 111.1 Canada Musician
4 @Cristiano 110.7 Portugal Football Player
5 @rihanna 108.0 Barbados Musician
6 @katyperry 106.7 United States Musician
7 @narendramodi 96.2 India 14th and Current Prime Minister of India
8 @taylorswift13 95.3 United States Musician
9 @realDonaldTrump 87.4 United States 45th President of the US
10 @ladygaga 83.5 United States Musician and Actress

Of course, you'll want to keep up with their tweets, so here's how to monitor them in real time. 

Monitoring the tweets of influential people

Consider using tools like TweetDeck or Hootsuite to keep up with these influential accounts. These platforms allow you to monitor tweets in real time, ensuring you never miss an update from your favorite accounts. 

Ready to dig deeper? Let's explore the most influential accounts in specific locations.

Top Twitter Accounts As Per Specific Locations in 2024

As social media continues to shape global conversations, understanding the most influential Twitter accounts by location offers valuable insights into regional trends and cultural dynamics. This section highlights the top Twitter accounts in specific countries, showcasing the individuals and organizations that dominate the platform in terms of follower count and engagement. By examining the leading accounts in regions like the Philippines and India, we understand the voices that resonate most within these communities. This analysis reflects the popularity of these accounts and underscores the diverse interests and topics that captivate audiences in different parts of the world.

Top five Twitter accounts in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to some of the world's most vibrant and influential Twitter personalities. This section highlights the top five Twitter accounts in the Philippines, showcasing individuals and organizations who have mastered connecting with their audience through engaging and impactful content.

Rank Twitter Handle Followers Description
1 @annecurtissmith 15.3 million Anne Curtis-Smith is a well-known actress and TV host in the Philippines. She shares insights from her daily life, professional updates, and personal interests.
2 @143redangel 12.4 million Angel Locsin is a prominent actress and philanthropist. Her tweets often cover her advocacy work, updates on her projects, and personal reflections.
3 @iamsuperbianca 7.4 million Bianca Gonzalez is a TV host and editor. Her Twitter feed is a mix of professional insights, personal stories, and commentary on current events.
4 @YengPLUGGEDin 7.3 million Yeng Constantino is a popular singer and songwriter. She shares updates about her music, live performances, and personal anecdotes.
5 @gmanews 6.6 million GMA Integrated News is a leading news organization in the Philippines. They provide real-time news updates, breaking stories, and comprehensive coverage of local and international events.

Top five Twitter accounts in India

In India, the landscape of popular Twitter accounts reflects the country's diverse interests, from politics and sports to Bollywood. Here, we explore the top 5 Twitter accounts in India for 2024. These accounts not only boast impressive follower counts but also showcase the influential voices shaping public discourse and entertainment in the country. Join us as we delve into the profiles of India's most followed Twitter personalities, each commanding a significant presence on the platform.

Rank Twitter Handle Followers Description
1 @narendramodi 93.8 million Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India and the most followed world leader on Twitter. He joined Twitter in 2009 and uses the platform extensively for political campaigns and public engagement.
2 @imVkohli 59.7 million Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian National Cricket Team, is the most followed cricket player on Twitter. He joined Twitter in 2009 and frequently shares updates on his cricketing journey.
3 @SrBachchan 48.7 million Amitabh Bachchan, a legendary Bollywood actor, has a vast following on Twitter. He joined in 2010 and is known for his engaging posts and updates about his work in the film industry.
4 @akshaykumar 46.3 million Akshay Kumar, a prominent Bollywood actor, joined Twitter in 2009. He is known for his roles in socially relevant movies and has a significant fan base on the platform.
5 @BeingSalmanKhan 45.5 million Salman Khan, another major Bollywood star, is known for his charismatic presence and long-standing career in the film industry. He joined Twitter in 2010 and has a massive following.

Evolution Of Top Twitter Accounts

By using tools like Tweet Binder, you can track the growth and evolution of Twitter accounts over time. This historical data provides valuable insights into how follower numbers have changed and what might have influenced these changes. 

Using Blaze, you can track similar trends within your crypto community, optimizing strategies based on historical data.

Tracking and analyzing Twitter accounts over time with Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is a powerful tool for tracking and analyzing Twitter account growth over time. By providing detailed historical data, Tweet Binder helps you understand how follower numbers have changed and what factors may have influenced these changes. This information is invaluable for developing effective social media strategies and maximizing engagement.

Importance of historical data

Tracking the evolution of followers over time provides valuable insights into the growth and engagement of Twitter accounts. Historical data helps identify trends, understand what types of content resonate with audiences, and adjust strategies accordingly. Tools like Tweet Binder allow you to analyze the historical growth of followers, giving you a comprehensive view of an account's performance.

Necessity of Monitoring the Followers' Sentiments and Engagement

Monitoring the sentiments and engagement levels of followers is crucial for understanding a Twitter account's overall performance. Positive sentiments and high engagement levels indicate a strong connection with the audience. In contrast, negative sentiments and low engagement levels may signal areas that need improvement. Tweet Binder offers reports that help analyze follower sentiments and engagement, providing valuable insights for optimizing content and engagement strategies.

Types of Twitter Reports

Tweet Binder offers a range of reports that provide deep insights into the performance of Twitter accounts. These reports include engagement reports, which analyze the interactions between an account and its followers; hashtag analysis, which examines the effectiveness of hashtags used in tweets; and sentiment analysis, which assesses the overall sentiments of followers towards an account. These reports help you make informed decisions and optimize your Twitter strategy.


In conclusion, keeping track of the most followed Twitter accounts provides valuable insights into current trends and influential voices. Tools like Audiense Connect and Tweet Binder make it easier to find, monitor, and analyze these accounts. Sign up for these tools today and start tracking and comparing Twitter users to stay ahead in the digital world. 

And don't forget to explore Blaze for your Web3 engagement strategies, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the tokenized world.


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