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Jul 24, 2023

Leveraging AI-Powered Video Marketing for Promotional Content 

Discover the potential of AI-powered video marketing to create engaging and impactful how-to videos and promotional content. 

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Leveraging AI-Powered Video Marketing for Promotional Content 

Creating an engaging video ad is time-consuming. You must research, design a script, and record the video clips. Next, you remove undesired elements, add effects, or create transitions. Audio mixing is yet another task to make engaging videos. All this while, did you think about the incredible possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in video marketing? 

Here’s the good news - AI is transforming how we create and deliver video content. AI-powered video marketing can enhance user engagement and drive impactful results, from informative How-to videos to compelling promotional ads. AI algorithms analyze user behavior and preferences. They help personalize video content and create a more tailored experience for viewers. Moreover, you can market your videos faster and outperform your competitors.

Let’s explore how we use AI in video production and craft compelling promotional videos and ads.

Exploring AI in Creating How-To Videos 

AI subsets Natural Language Processing (NLP), and computer vision can extract relevant information from vast amounts of data. This enables you to generate dynamic and insightful How-to videos. They offer valuable solutions to users’ problems. The brand thus effectively establishes itself as a trusted source of expertise. 

Leveraging AI to Create Promotional Videos and Ads

You can use AI to generate attention-grabbing visuals. And optimize video length and pace. AI algorithms help you create impactful content that resonates with your target audience. By analyzing user preferences and market trends, they suggest personalized elements for your video. 

An AI-powered tool showing options to create a promotional video with an avatar

Steps to Create AI-generated How-to Videos and Promotional Content

Each AI-powered video marketing tool involves different features and steps to create videos. Here are the common steps to generate How-to videos and promotional content with AI tools.

  1. Choose a reliable AI-powered video creation platform. Navigate its features like automated video generation, customization options, and integration options. 
  2. Collect the necessary information and assets for your video - text, images, video clips, or animations. 
  3. With simple clicks, automatically transform your text, images, and data into visually appealing videos. 
  4. Select suitable background music or add a voiceover. 
  5. Preview the AI-generated video to ensure all elements are in place and transitions are smooth. 
  6. Test the video on different devices to ensure compatibility. 

Analyzing Popular AI-Powered Video Marketing Platforms

Various AI-powered video platforms have emerged in the market. They offer innovative solutions to enhance your video marketing efforts. 

  1. Lumen5

This video creation platform incorporates an AI-assisted workflow. Here are Lumen5's top features you can explore for video creation:

  • Enter a link to a blog post, and the tool will turn the content into an engaging video. 
  • Its Smart Summarization feature gives a perfectly summarized storyboard for your video. 
  • Its computer vision algorithms automatically match each of your scenes with the corresponding background media. 
Lumen5 Video Maker
  1. Deepbrain AI

This tool is popular for its hyper-realistic AI avatars that support your video productions. Here are its top features.  

  • You can use a custom-made AI avatar that best suits your brand.
  • It offers over 100 voices in more than 80 languages. 
  • You can make How-to videos with only a few clicks. It generates videos in 3 minutes. No editing skills are required. 
DeepBrain AI Video Generator
  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe has recently included impressive AI-powered features in its video editing tool Premiere Pro. Here are some interesting tasks you can perform with this tool:

  • Quickly match the colors in two different video clips in your sequence. 
  • Use Morph Cut to clean up awkward pauses and add visual continuity. 
  • Auto Reframe easily changes your horizontal 16:9 video into a tall 9:16 aspect ratio. 
Creating a new video project in Adobe Premiere Pro

Integrating AI-Driven Analytics to Measure Video Performance and Audience Insights

When you opt for AI-driven video marketing tools, you must measure their success. Track metrics like view counts, engagement rates, and audience demographics. You can leverage video analytics and insights to refine your video marketing strategies. It allows you to identify areas for improvement. And deliver more relevant videos that resonate with your target audience. 

Using video analytics to track important metrics

Incorporating Interactive Elements and Personalization

One of the key advantages of AI-powered video marketing is the ability to include interactive elements and personalization. You can leverage AI to include dynamic interactive elements within your videos - polls, clickable annotations, quizzes, or interactive hotspots.

With AI tools, you can understand the viewing patterns of your target demographics. Then you can deliver content that aligns with their interests. AI-powered content moderation, recommendations, and contextual analysis for advertisements can help you generate personalized video experiences

Best Practices to Optimize Video Content 

You must use various video optimization techniques for your content. It is necessary to reach a wider audience and maximize engagement. Here are the five best practices you can follow:

  1. Keep video format, length, and aspect ratio optimal. 
  2. Perform A/B testing with AI-powered tools to refine your video content strategy.
  3. Start with a compelling hook, as viewers have short attention spans.
  4. Keep thumbnails eye-catching and relevant. Use high-quality images and clear titles. 
  5.  Maintain consistency across your videos by involving brand elements like logos, colors, and visual styles. 

Embrace AI-Powered Video Marketing for Higher Engagement and Conversions 

The power of AI in video marketing is undeniable. You must embrace AI-driven technologies to create interactive video content. AI empowers you to deliver exceptional video experiences - from personalization and interactivity to data-driven insights and optimization. 

Embrace the potential of AI in video marketing and unlock a world of growth prospects. Register with Blaze now!


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