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May 18, 2024

How to Login to Your Discord Account Using QR Code

Navigate to Discord's login page, click 'Login with QR code', then use app to scan the displayed QR code.

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Are you tired of typing your password every time you want to log into Discord on your desktop or through the web? The Discord QR Code is a simpler, faster way to access your account. By scanning this code with the Discord app on your phone, you can log in within seconds, with no password required!

In this article, we'll guide you through the easy steps of using a QR Code to log into your Discord account quickly and securely. Keep reading to discover how this method saves you time and keeps your account secure.

Steps for Signing In to Discord Using a QR Code

Logging into Discord using a QR Code is straightforward and can be done from your desktop or a web browser. Here's how you can quickly access your account without needing to enter your login details manually:

  1. Open Discord

If you're using a web browser, go to https://discord.com/login.

Open Discord

If you are already having the application, launch it on your desktop.

  1. Log In on Your Mobile Device

Before proceeding with the QR code, ensure you are logged into your Discord account on your mobile phone.

  1. Access User Settings

On your mobile app, tap on your profile picture at the bottom left corner to open the User Settings menu.

Access User Settings

  1. Enable QR Code Scanner

Navigate to the Overview page within User Settings and select the "Scan QR Code" option. This action will activate your phone’s camera in QR scanning mode.

  1. Scan the QR Code

Position your phone's camera so the QR code displayed on your desktop screen fits within the scanner's box. Hold steady until the camera recognizes the QR code.

  1. Confirm Your Login

Once the QR code is scanned, a prompt will appear on your phone asking you to verify and confirm the login. Tap "Yes, Log Me In" to proceed.

  1. Login Successful

After confirming, you'll receive a success notification on your mobile device indicating that you've successfully logged into Discord on your PC.

Why Use the Discord QR Code for Login?

Using the QR Code to log into Discord offers convenience and enhanced security for accessing your account on a desktop. Here are the key reasons why this method is beneficial:

Simplicity and Speed

The QR Code method eliminates the need to manually type in your login credentials. A quick scan from your mobile device gets you into your account, saving time and effort.

Increased Security

When you log in using a QR Code, you maintain complete control over the authentication process. Each login attempt must be confirmed on your mobile device, allowing you to approve or deny access instantly. This is particularly valuable because it prevents anyone else from logging into your account without your permission.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

A critical security feature is the prompt on your mobile device to confirm or deny a login. If the login attempt is from an unfamiliar location or device, you can easily decline it, ensuring that only you can access your account from trusted devices.


Using the Discord QR Code for login offers a seamless, secure way to access your account quickly, making it ideal for those who frequent this popular communication platform. This method reduces the hassle of remembering passwords and enhances the security of your account, ensuring that only authorized devices and locations can access your information.

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