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Jun 9, 2023

How To Leverage TikTok Influencers To Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Rad this blog to know more about trends and best practices for using TikTok influencers to stay ahead of the curve.

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How To Leverage TikTok Influencers To Boost Your Marketing Efforts

TikTok has emerged as a powerful marketing tool. In 2022, it was the most downloaded mobile app worldwide. In 2023, TikTok users are estimated to exceed 834 million.


As a digital marketer, you already know the benefits of influencer marketing. TikTok influencers play a large role in social media marketing strategies.


The leading TikTok influencers have millions of followers. Micro-influencers also can sway segmented audiences.


In 2023, these social media influencers will continue to create short-form video content that boosts awareness. They can help you reach consumers with sponsored posts, product placements, and other partnerships.


Emerging Trends in TikTok Marketing: What You Need to Know 


Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has evolved to reflect audience preferences. Partnerships with TikTok influencers are one part of this growth. Here are some other trends:


  • Brands incorporate popular songs into their communication.
  • Hashtags are used creatively. One example is branded hashtag challenges.
  • Brands encourage followers to create and share content.
  • New features such as Stitch and Duets allow users to interact with each other’s videos. This creates more engagement.
  • Brands can use live sessions for news and announcements. 
  • TikTok has introduced ad formats, such as In-Feed Ads and TopView Ads.


User Behavior and Preferences: Understanding Your TikTok Audience 


According to one 2023 study, 21.5 percent of TikTok's global audience was women between 18 and 24 years. Male users of the same age comprise roughly 17 percent of the audience.


In 2022, global users spent an average of 95 minutes every day on TikTok. If you’re targeting a Gen Z audience, you need to create TikTok campaigns for them.


Other studies show what users expect from TikTok:


  • They want branded content to be fun.
  • They use it to discover and learn about something new.
  • Many users say that TikTok is an inspiration.


Creating Content that Resonates with Your TikTok Audience 


What is the best way for you to learn how to create popular TikTok content? Start by exploring viral videos' characteristics.


An analysis of hundreds of popular TikTok videos revealed:


  • A majority of them inspired happiness.  
  • One-third focused on a person speaking to the camera in the first three seconds.
  • Popular genres were life hacks, advice, wellness, fitness and sports.
  • Dance videos were extremely popular.
  • More than half of viral TikTok videos leveraged music in the first three seconds.

 When working with TikTok influencers, you can explore the above to create compelling content.


Best Practices for Optimizing Your TikTok Videos 


TikTok campaigns can be optimized by using the following tips.


  • Use vertical videos in the recommended aspect and resolution.
  • Keep the video length to between 15 and 60 seconds.  
  • Start with a visual hook.
  • Use relevant music genres.
  • Include captions in local languages.
  • End with a call to action.

Strategies for Engaging Your TikTok Audience 


You can consider these popular tactics.


  • Use bright lighting and quality footage.
  • Create a schedule for consistent and regular posts.
  • Try to be featured on TikTok’s ‘For You’ page.
  • Use the Q&A feature to answer consumer questions.
  • Check comments and reply with relevant videos.
  • Create engaging hashtag challenges.
  • TikTok live streams are a great way to increase user interaction.  


Leveraging TikTok Analytics to Measure Success 


You should use TikTok analytics and performance indicators to gain insights iinto what works and what needs to change. These metrics reveal the success of your videos and partnerships with TikTok influencers.


  • The total number of videos published reveals growth and impact.
  • The average engagement rate per post measures interactions with users, such as the number of likes and comments.
  • Total follower evolution shows the growth in followers over a specific period.
  • The post-reach percentage is the ratio of your reached audience divided by total followers. This indicates performance and awareness.
  • Hashtag growth measures the success of branded hashtags. And tag usage identifies popular trends you can consider using.


How to Optimize Your TikTok Campaigns for Maximum ROI 


We have already mentioned some ways to optimize and measure TikTok videos' performance. Here are some pointers for TikTok campaigns.

  • Be clear about campaign objectives and the target audience.
  • Employ measurable metrics for marketing goals.
  • Create compelling video content tailored to the audience's needs.
  • Try A/B testing to discover the best-performing videos.
  • Be clear about the above with the TikTok influencers you work with.

 Looking Ahead: Predictions for the Future of TikTok Marketing 


TikTok is growing rapidly. It seems clear that it will increase marketers' features to engage with audiences.


It will experiment with e-commerce formats. These will allow retailers to sell directly from the app.


It will also expand search capabilities. Marketers will find it easier to find what is trending, along with competitive activity.


The nature of TikTok influencers will also shift. There will be specific types of influencers: for example, influencers for older consumers or niche interests.


To find out more about the best way to leverage TikTok and other social media platforms, register with Blaze today!


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