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Jul 13, 2023

Explaining Your Web3 Project to New Users

With the right education, your Web3 project can attract many loyal users. Here are some strategies to enable this.

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How to Educate New Users About Your Web3 Project


As a marketing manager or digital growth lead, the potential of Web3 must be very exciting for you. This latest iteration of the Internet presents numerous opportunities for initiatives aimed at enhancing engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

To effectively communicate the advantages of your Web3 undertaking and encourage user retention, various approaches are available. Primarily, it's essential to provide education and outreach efforts to draw in users and transform them into committed patrons. With the constantly evolving landscape of Web3, it's essential to employ effective strategies to onboard users and ensure their continued engagement. Here, we will explore some practical strategies for reaching out to new users about your Web3 project.

Strategies to Reach Out to Potential Users

Your new Web3 project could involve gaming, NFTs, cryptocurrency or any other field. For it to be successful, you need to communicate its features, benefits, and value proposition to users.

Understanding your target audience

It all starts with having a clear picture of your target audience. You should learn about their demographics and online presence. Are they already knowledgeable about Web3, or do they need more education? What competitive activities do they spend time on? What are their needs? From these and other related questions, you can arrive at the brand's tone of voice and ways to reach out. In the case of larger audiences, you can segment them according to their interests for even more precise targeting.

Defining your message

Be it traditional advertising campaigns or a Web3 outreach, the best brand messages are simple and sum up the essence of the offering. First, you should be clear about the role your Web3 project will play in their lives. Then, you can craft a compelling message that will attract attention. The message should not contain cliches or marketing jargon, but approach it from the consumer's point of view.

Choosing your channels

There are many ways to reach potential users online. You can create email campaigns, promote social media advertising, come up with relevant blogs, and more. The exact channel mix should be decided once you have analyzed your users online behavior. It also makes sense to link channels in a meaningful way. For example, a push notification can contain a link to a webpage, which has buttons to share on social media.

Leveraging influencers and ambassadors

Be it gaming, fashion, crypto or more, the world of Web3 already contains many influential figures. These people have a huge following on social media and in other communities. You can select a few that are relevant to your message and work with them to spread the word. Another strategy is to collaborate with other brands for joint events. In such cases, you spread awareness of your Web3 offering among users who are already familiar with other Web3 products.

Creating educational content

Your user could be aware of Web3 or simply want to know what it is all about. Either way, educational content is a great way to establish a brand presence and create trust. The content could be in the form of a video or tutorial that explains the application of your Web3 project. You can also organize webinars featuring thought leaders. Whitepapers and e-books are other long-term forms of education.

Engaging with your community

Creating and nurturing an online community is essential. Most successful brands have used this strategy for growth and retention. For example, Discord is a perfect online platform to attract current and potential users. Community events, rewards and customer service will go a long way toward greater engagement. Such engagement can take many forms. For example, you can get feedback on product features and set up loyalty programs and even referral campaigns. Other social media platforms such as Twitter also offer many opportunities to build communities.

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