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Jun 23, 2023

Everything You Need to Know about Sandbox

Discover everything you need to know about sandboxes in our comprehensive blog post. Read more to find out.

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Everything You Need to Know about Sandbox

Everything you need to know about sandbox.

The Metaverse is changing how you perceive gaming by creating more immersive, shared, and persistent virtual worlds, and the Sandbox is leading the charge in this new generation of virtual worlds. This article will explore everything about Sandbox, from its concept and mechanics to its user-generated content and potential for marketing.

What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox is the third-largest metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain by market capitalization, after Decentraland and Axie Infinity, respectively.

It allows users to create, share, and monetize their assets and gaming experiences, including virtual real estate. Within this virtual world, individuals can own assets, play games, construct their properties, and possess in-game items. Moreover, they can sell these assets and receive real-world currency in return.

In addition to blockchain technology, the Sandbox harnesses the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to enhance the virtual experience. These NFTs provide users with scarcity, security, and authenticity, augmenting their engagement within the metaverse.

The Sandbox also features a dedicated marketplace where players can buy and sell virtual assets. This marketplace operates using the SAND token, which serves as the native cryptocurrency of The Sandbox.

Understanding the Metaverse and How Sandbox Metaverse Works

The metaverse is a term used to describe a virtual world that is persistent, shared, and immersive. The Sandbox is one of the many metaverse projects currently being developed.

In the Sandbox metaverse, everything is built using 3D cubes called voxels. These voxels make up the environment and objects in the game. You can create objects using VoxEdit or buy them from the in-game marketplace.

Once you have your objects, you can use them to create your games and experiences in the Sandbox Game Maker. This tool is available for free. Other players can play the games you create, and if they become popular, you can earn SAND tokens.

The Sandbox metaverse has a strong in-game economy. The objects you own are valuable because you can sell or trade them on the Sandbox marketplace. Moreover, you can make money from the games and experiences you create.

What are the Gameplay Mechanics of the Sandbox Metaverse?

Gameplay in the sandbox metaverse.

In the Sandbox game, the focus is on unleashing your creativity without strict objectives. You can explore the metaverse using your avatar and shape your own unique "worlds" using the 3D game builder.

The game provides a playground for expressing yourself and creating various experiences. For example, you can design thrilling racing tracks and vehicles using the 3D VoxEdit builder, allowing for exciting possibilities.

To establish your metaverse, you can purchase or rent LAND. Creating an engaging and interactive environment allows you to make money by charging a fee for access. If your world offers enjoyable experiences, people will be willing to pay to explore it.

Generating revenue is a key aspect of the Sandbox metaverse. The "Play to Earn" concept allows you to spend time creating digital assets using the VoxEdit builder and selling them on the integrated marketplace as NFTs. You can also design and monetize your games within the Sandbox platform. Renting out your land is another way to earn income.

The technological foundation of the Sandbox Metaverse is built on Ethereum. This ensures that design records, transactions, and creations are securely stored on the blockchain. All transactions within the metaverse use SAND, the digital currency of the Sandbox. Sandbox also encourages collaboration with other players, enabling you to create high-quality content and have meaningful interactions.

Understanding User-Generated Content (UGC) in the Sandbox

The Sandbox blockchain gaming platform offers three integrated products for creating UGC. Together, they provide a comprehensive experience, allowing users to secure copyright ownership through blockchain and smart contracts. They are:

1. VoxEdit

VoxEdit is a free 3D voxel modeling and NFT creation package for PC/Mac. It enables users to easily create and animate 3D objects, which can then be exported to The Sandbox marketplace as NFT game assets.

2. Marketplace

The Sandbox's NFT marketplace lets users upload, publish, and sell their NFT creations made with VoxEdit. Creations are stored decentralized using IPFS and registered on the blockchain to establish ownership.

3. Game Maker

The Sandbox Game Maker allows anyone to build impressive 3D games without coding. It offers accessible visual scripting tools for quick game development and contributes to a vast metaverse of interactive creations and experiences.

User-generated content on Sandbox is known as ASSETS and holds significant value for LAND parcels and the overall Sandbox experience. Asset tokens represent in-game content, enabling users to design unique dioramas and game experiences.

You can get ASSETS by creating them using VoxEdit, a free voxel editor software, or by shopping on the marketplace with various categories available. ASSETS refer to voxel assets in The Sandbox, automatically converted into NFTs based on the smart contract ERC-1155.

They include entities for level design and avatar equipment. The value of ASSETS lies in their scarcity, rarity, and enhanced game experiences they offer. ASSETS add uniqueness to LANDS, dioramas, and game experiences.

The Sandbox Game Maker empowers players to customize and create unique experiences, shaping their pieces of the metaverse. ASSETS are key elements that enhance gameplay and increase their value. With ASSETS, you can create themed dioramas, replicas of your favorite games, or showcase the best NFTs by voxel artists.

Brands and Celebrities in the Sandbox Metaverse

The metaverse has caught the attention of marketers and growth leaders worldwide. They are using it to make experiences more immersive in various ways. With advancing technology, brands and celebrities are excitedly entering the Sandbox Metaverse, buying land, and setting up virtual offices.

Some well-known brands and celebrities that have joined the Sandbox Metaverse include:

These brands aim to provide immersive experiences for metaverse users. For example, Adidas has introduced a collection of digital items called "Metaverse Originals" as NFTs, while Warner Music Group has organized a virtual music festival. These experiences are designed to attract new users and engage existing ones in exciting ways.

Brands also utilize the metaverse to create more engaging experiences for their workforce. For instance, PwC has established a "Metaverse Campus" where employees can collaborate and learn in a virtual environment. This allows employees to work together from anywhere worldwide and access training resources that would be challenging in a traditional office setup.

By offering immersive experiences in the metaverse, brands can attract new users, engage existing ones, and provide their workforce with exciting and engaging opportunities.


The Sandbox is a unique and innovative game with potential in the metaverse. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it has a large player community. Marketers interested in the metaverse should pay attention as the Sandbox can be a major platform for marketing and advertising. Register with Blaze, a marketing automation platform, to optimize your strategies to maximize this opportunity.


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