Jul 13, 2023

Everything You Need to Know about Midjourney

Read this post to know everything you need to know about Midjourney!

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Everything You Need to Know about Midjourney

Everything you need to know about Midjourney. Image Credits: Unsplash

Midjourney, a remarkable generative AI image tool, is revolutionizing how we create stunning visuals. In this guide, we will explore the capabilities of Midjourney, its technology, and how you can unleash your creative potential using this tool. Whether you're looking to enhance your marketing campaigns or explore new artistic horizons, Midjourney has got you covered.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is a cutting-edge generative AI tool that uses a text-to-image model to create visually appealing and realistic images. Whether you need product visuals, concept art, or illustrations for your marketing materials, Midjourney can generate them quickly using the power of artificial intelligence.

Like other AI programs such as DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, Midjourney allows you to generate stunning images based on a text description using simple commands on Discord. Led by David Holz, co-founder of Leap Motion, the Midjourney team has created an innovative tool embraced by artists and advertisers for its ability to prototype and brainstorm original concepts rapidly. It is not just another AI program; it is the product of an independent research lab focused on exploring new mediums of thought and expanding human creativity.

How Does Midjourney Work?

Midjourney employs a Machine Learning (ML) algorithm to process your text description and generate visually appealing and realistic images.

Although specific information is limited, it is believed that Midjourney utilizes a similar technology found in Stable Diffusion, indicating the usage of a modified form of the latent diffusion model

After analyzing your input, Midjourney identifies the image that best matches your description and combines it with your chosen art style(s).

Using Midjourney: Step-by-Step Guide for Creating AI-Generated Images

Midjourney stands out from other AI bots]by not having its website or app. Instead, users must register for Midjourney's discord server.

Let's go through step-by-step how to get Midjourney up and running.

1. Create a Discord account and visit the Midjourney website. Click on the "Join the Beta" option or click on “Midjourney Discord”.

Joining the Midjourney Discord. Image Credits: Midjourney

2. Once you receive the beta invitation, accept it to gain access.

Accepting the invite on Discord. Image Credits: Discord

3. Afterwards, you will notice the presence of a Midjourney icon on your Discord dashboard. Click on it and locate the "Newcomer Rooms" in the channels. Open any #newbies room.

Finding newcomer rooms on Discord. Image Credits: Discord

4. To begin utilizing Midjourney, initiate a command by typing "/imagine" in public chat, followed by a detailed text prompt. Provide descriptive information such as preferred art styles, moods, and subjects.

Creating an image on Midjourney Discord. Image Credits: Discord

As a free user, you are limited to 25 images. Additionally, you can only use public chat, which means your requests will take longer and be placed in a queue.

5. Once your input is processed, Midjourney will present you with a grid containing four images. Select the image that closely aligns with your description. Click the "U" button below the grid to upscale the chosen image.

Upscaling an image on Midjourney Discord. Image Credits: Discord

6. Alternatively, you can press "V" to generate additional variations of your preferred image. If the provided options are insufficient, you can rerun the program. Remember that as a free user, you have an overall limit of 25 images.

Creating image variations on Midjourney Discord. Image Credits: Discord

7. After upscaling an image, you can rate it using one of the four smiley buttons in the bottom row. Alternatively, you can rate the image on the Midjourney website.

Rating an image on Midjourney Discord. Image Credits: Discord

8. To save your image, click on it to view it in full size. On the desktop, right-click and select "Save image." On mobile devices, long-tap the image and the download icon in the top right corner. All images are also immediately accessible for viewing on midjourney.com/home, requiring you to sign in with your Discord account.

Saving an image on Midjourney Discord. Image Credits: Discord

What are Midjourney Parameters and How to Use Them

Midjourney parameters are inputs that can be added to your command. By becoming familiar with these parameters, you can enhance your flexibility and control when generating images with Midjourney.

  • —beta (experimental algorithm)
  • —hd (older algorithm for higher results)
  • —version or —v (specify the algorithm version for Midjourney)
  • —aspect or —ar (generate images with a specific aspect ratio)
  • —h & —w (set the height and width of the image)
  • —seed (define the seed) & —sameseed (applies the same seed to all images)
  • —no (exclude elements from the text prompt)
  • —stop (halt Midjourney from generating)
  • —video (save progress as a video)


This command allows you to determine your generation's artistic stylisation level.

  • —stylize 625 or —s 625 (least artistic)
  • —stylize 1250 or —s 1250 (less strict but still aesthetically pleasing, recommended for experienced users)
  • —stylize 2500 or —s 2500 (default value)
  • —stylize 20000 or —s 20000 (intense stylization)
  • —stylize 60000 or —s 60000 (maximum style influence, the resulting image may differ from the prompt)


This command allows you to control the time and quality of image generation.

  • —quality 0.25 or —q 0.25 (quick and rough results, 4x faster and cheaper)
  • —quality 0.5 or —q 0.5 (fewer details, 2x faster and cheaper)
  • —quality 1 or —q 1 (default value)
  • —quality 2 or —q 2 (more details, 2x slower, and double the price)
  • —quality 5 or —q 5 (potentially more detailed and improved results, but with risks)

Explore the full list of commands and parameters in Midjourney. Have fun experimenting with them to find the perfect designs you're seeking.

Use Cases for Midjourney Artwork

The Midjourney bot can generate stunning images. But what can you do with these images? Here are some possible use cases for you:

  1. You can utilize Midjourney to create avatars for your social media profiles and other online platforms.
  2. The tool helps generate images of people for your marketing designs.
  3. You can create visually appealing designs resembling cinematic posters for your promotional materials.
  4. Some people use Midjourney and other AI tools to generate images for their comic strips.
  5. Since the tool can produce multiple variations of an image, it's easy for you to create unique GIFs using the generated visuals.
  6. Midjourney can also help you generate design ideas, especially when facing a creative block.

In most cases, images generated by Midjourney require adjustments to be usable. This is because the generated images are based on various inputs and models and may only sometimes meet your specific requirements or desired outcomes.

By making adjustments, you can refine and tailor the generated images to better suit your needs. Common adjustments include cropping, color, exposure, sharpness, noise reduction, and resizing.

If you want to use them in your marketing designs, you will still need the assistance of professional designers to create on-brand graphics with text, brand assets, brand colors, and fonts.

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Midjourney is a continuously evolving platform that pushes the boundaries of generative AI, introducing new features and enhancements through regular updates to provide a seamless user experience. It exemplifies the transformative power of generative AI in image generation, revolutionizing visual content creation for marketers, enhancing brand messaging, and captivating target audiences. By incorporating AI-generated images into marketing campaigns, businesses can make a lasting impact and stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

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