Leverage social insights to find your ideal users

Blaze is an acquisition platform for modern companies that uses AI to drive business growth through social platforms.

Identify leads in real-time from Twitter & LinkedIn

Find top quality prospects by creating social signals on Twitter and LinkedIn. Track activity in real-time such as who follows your competitors or mentions certain keywords in their profiles or posts.

Find new users from Twitter

Create unique lists of prospective users through social and on-chain signals such as who follows a web3 project on Twitter, mentions certain keywords in their profiles or holds specific tokens.

Reach scale with personalized messaging

Maximize your outreach efforts by leveraging our AI powered DM automations across Twitter, LinkedIn and Email.

Reach users with automated DMs

Efficiently scale your outreach efforts by leveraging our DM (Twitter, LinkedIn and Email), and social rewards campaign automations.

Build your content engine

Use AI to craft on-brand, impactful social media posts effortlessly. Save time using our templates and scheduling features.

Run better ad-campaigns with custom audiences

Go above and beyond native targeting with custom audiences that combine social activities and on-chain signals