Introducing Blaze, the web3 customer engagement tool

Blaze connects web2 and web3 data to help companies understand their users better and create personalized experiences for them.

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Blaze - The next gen community growth tool | Product Hunt

Trusted by 100+ leading Companies

User data, made simple.

We unify your community, transaction and product data to help you improve your marketing and support strategies.

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How does Blaze work?

Blaze centralizes your data from key platforms like Discord and Twitter to help make community management and marketing easier.

1. Create a free account and integrate your tools

Pull in your Discord, Twitter and smart contract data with one click.

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2. Analyze your data

Segment your users based on their social media, community and on-chain activity. Evaluate which marketing, community and content strategies are bringing in the right kind of users.

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3. Implement your growth plan

Build personalized Discord onboarding flows, manage reward programs, streamline permissioning and automate feedback collection.

Supercharge your operations

Blaze is the single source of truth for your marketing and community operations.

Campaign Management

Evaluate the effectiveness of community and marketing initiatives.

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Track follower and discord member growth in periods after a campaign launch
Group tweets together to evaluate which kinds of tweets are helping you hit your targets
Evaluate which campaigns bring in the most high value users

Growth Automations

Easily onboard new members and manage gamified reward systems.

Build personalized Discord onboarding flows
Manage reward programs with automated verification of social activity
Easily identify user friction points
Automatically extract product feedback with our AI-powered topic detection and word clouds

Analytics + Reporting

Centralize data from all of your tools to make it easier to understand and grow your community.

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Overlay events and campaigns to measure impact
Set up automated daily or weekly reports
Set up alerts based on channel activity

User Management

Keep track of user activity across your Discord, Twitter and smart contracts.

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Segment users based on engagement, transactions or join date.
Dive into user contributions with user profiles
Map your user journey from first touch to transaction
Communicate with users at scale with bulk direct messaging in Discord

Wallet Insights

Understand the on-chain activity of your high value users better.

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Tie community data to on chain data
Discover high potential users that engage with competitive projects
Identify projects with high user
Understand categories of users with our predictive models

Reward Programs

Program and automate leveling systems based on token holding and social activity.

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Define and collaborate on leveling system and channel gates
Keep track of social and on chain activity
Bulk assign roles based on activity
Measure success and iterate on strategy

Save time with the Blaze API

Easily connect your community data to other revenue events through the Blaze API. Quantifying ROI of community has never been simpler.